Tim Drake in the DCEU?

There’s been a lot of buzz going around that Ryan Potter, a 20-year-old actor who’s mostly known for being the voice of Hiro in “Big Hero 6” has recently been campaigning for the role Tim Drake every since his 58 sec choreographed video has surfaced the web.

If you didn’t know already, Jason Todd in the DCEU was the last person to occupy the title of ‘Robin’ for quite some time, Robin’s suit was seen hanging in the Batcave in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a reminder of “a fallen ally, a fallen friend,” DC’s Geoff Johns told EW.

Tim Drake, became the third incarnation of Robin. He saw how unhinged Batman became after Jason Todd was killed by the Joker, and was convinced he needed a Robin.

Ryan believes strongly he’s got what it takes to be Robin, considering he’s the voice of Hiro in Big Hero 6 alongside lots of other projects he’s done so far. I believe he’s a good candidate for the role of Robin.

In his 58 sec choreographed video called the “Tim Drake Concept Video” where he shows he’s got the moves (martial arts skills), tenacity, and looks to be Batman’s humble and fierce sidekick, Robin. The video was shot in only 3 1/2 hours, pretty interesting and impressive if you ask me. At the end of Ryan’s 58 sec choreographed video, Ryan says “Hey Ben, like Tim said,“Batman needs a Robin”. That sounds a hell lot like Tim Drake to me.

Ryan has also been quite determined to have the role of Robin, considering he’s been very vocal about taking on this role, quite a few times. For almost over a year now, Ryan Potter has deeply expressed his profound interest in being Batman’s iconic sidekick, Robin.

Back in February of 2015 also saw Ryan Potter state he would like to play Tim Drake.

I’d love to play Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing on Teen Titans. I feel there’s not many superheroes at this moment in time that Asian American actors can play. It’s not like an Asian American COULDN’T play these roles, but I don’t think the public is ready for an Asian American Superman just yet. Unfortunately, I just don’t think there are a lot of superheroes that an Asian American can play. You even think of a superhero that’s influenced by Asian American culture, Iron Fist, and the guy behind the mask is Caucasian. Hopefully there will be more for us to play in the future.

When talking to Nerdy Asians they had this to say about Ryan taking on the role and how many seem to deem Potter as annoying for campaigning but did not bring the same negative attention towards Ryan Reynolds who also campaigned for Deadpool:

It would have a monumental effect. We’re still waiting to see a fully-formed Asian superhero. Now we’re still relegated to sidekicks and background characters. And Robin is the perfect character to break through the bamboo ceiling.

Asians, as is the case with all POC, are held to stricter standards than whites. Society doesn’t let us get away with the same things whites are allowed. Historically Asians have been viewed as a “model minority,” which basically means “not speaking out.” But the “model minority” is a myth. Asians have always spoken out against injustice. Society doesn’t give us the same privilege it gives Ryan Reynolds. Which is why what Ryan Potter is doing is so great.

Ryan can most definitely be that Robin in my eyes, what do you guys think? Should Ryan be the next Robin? Yes or no, and why?

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