How To Get Into Comics 101.

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I wasn’t always into comic books growing up, I loved BTAS, Batman Beyond and other DC animated shows but that was pretty much it. There weren’t any comic shops around me and nobody around me was into them at all.

However, when I bought a copy of Injustice in June 2015 during my trip UK, it changed my outlook on comics. They weren’t just the source material for all our favorite movies and shows but,actually stand alone projects that didn’t have to dumbed down or cheapened by TV show ratings and box office sales. They were a new and exciting take on my favorite characters that I’d never seen before.

However there were a few problems: I was broke and I didn’t live by a comic shop.

I tried for weeks to find ways to ship comics only to find that it was much more expensive. Additionally, to buy them online meant I had to have a card ,which was something I didn’t have (and I’m sure my Dad didn’t want to spend his money on Batman).

So like any other DC fan who couldn’t wait another 9 months to read Year 2 of Injustice, I came up with almost foolproof (don’t quote me on this) ways to start getting into comics if you’re a complete beginner like I was and to catch up with your favorite comics.

**I’m not an expert just my experience.

1. History of.

There are a wide variety of Youtube videos that break down the backstories of almost all of your favourite heroes and villains. My personal choice would be ‘History Of’ made by Variant Comics and hosted by Arris Quinones. The show perfectly explains the stories and characters without it seeming boring, they keep us interested by bringing in the key facts about the character, their first appearance, powers, relationships and everything else you needed to know.

2. ComicsExplained.

While this is another Youtube channel that also breaks down the backstories of characters, ComicsExplained creates videos that are more focused on the story aspects of comics and are a lot more in depth. If you can’t get your hands on a comic or simply don’t understand it after reading there’s most probably a video up explaining and reading the comic!

3. ViewComic.

Yes, I know not everyone will agree with this one but hear me out before I get dragged by a huge mob with anti piracy pitchforks. The point of this post is to help everyone who don’t have comics available to them either in real life or cannot afford to buy them online and ViewComic is an easy alternative. They’re constantly updating the comics and adding new stories, thousands of stories are just a click away, there’s a whole variety and it’s not only limited to DC & Marvel.

Here are my personal picks to get you started!

  1. Y : The Last Man.
  2. Silk.
  3. Gotham Academy.
  4. Injustice.
  5. The Wicked + The Divine.
  6. Star Wars.

4. Join A Fandom

Now this one is a little tricky, like I said this plan isn’t 100% foolproof. Comic fans can sometimes be a little immature and even outright vicious to ‘new fans’ who only know certain characters via TV shows or the movies made by DC / WB , Marvel / Disney, Sony & Fox. Tumblr is usually where most people go for when looking for fandoms but in my experience that is a long and tiresome search through people arguing about their ships.

I’ve found that the easiest way to maneuver through what usually is a cesspit of messy fans is to follow comic accounts on Twitter, especially if you’re a POC following accounts such as NerdyPOC(yes I plugged), BlackGirlNerds GeeksOfColor will make everything a lot easier. You’ll be up to date on new comic news and by going into their follower list you’ll easily find people who are into the same things and might also just be beginners just like you! There are tons of accounts dedicated to a certain character or comic so don’t be afraid to give them a search and follow!

Hopefully this made things a little easier good luck with all this research because boy does it take long.

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