Five Reasons Wally West Should Be Your Favorite Character On The Flash

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Who’s Wally West?

That yellow suit wearing cool guy who’s going to be Barry’s successor and Justice League member someday. Wally is awesome — he’s sarcastic(a potential the TV show hasn’t exploited yet), he’s nerdy, he’s a team player. Wally’s also an ex-drag car racer with an aptitude for mechanics. People are too busy complaining about how the show did it wrong and Wally’s supposed to be Iris’s nephew, not her brother, that they forget how awesome his character arc on the show is turning out to be.

**Don’t read if you haven’t seen Season three, there are minor spoilers ahead.

  1. Even though he’s a teenager, he isn’t angsty.

Her makes up with his Dad and sister even though he’s been many years apart from them, and in the beginning kind of blames them for abandoning his ill mother. Again, when Iris convinces him to give up his lifeline passion of fast racing because she’s worried for his safety. During season three when Jessie gets her powers, yeah he’s angry since he feels left out(both of them got hit by the dark matter in season two but only Jessie’s powers showed up in this timeline), but he gets over it quick.

2. He blurs the lines.

Wally wants to help people like the rest of the team, so his intentions are good. But to get his powers back, Wally turns to their rival, Dr. Alchemy who promises in his dreams to restore what he had lost in the flashpoint. Who doesn’t love a superhero who sometimes takes morally gray decision sometimes? Not all superheroes are squeaky clean.

3. He’s easy to get along with.

Even though we all love Barry and Iris, Wally and Jessie’s chemistry is so adorably cute we can’t forget about them. They are both speedsters, albeit from different Earth, which takes long distance to a whole new level. But the first time they meet at a party, their chemistry is palpable and easy-going. Wally convinces Jessie that she can break them out from the Time Vault because he thinks that, though they don’t have powers, they should out with the team helping defeat Zoom. This just shows how much he’s right for his role as the newest speedster in town. Wally also supports Jessie in her decision when she goes against the team and her father to help Barry. Slow burn romance at its best.

And it’s not just Jessie. Wally has a great equation with his Dad and his sister, even Barry, easily making his place in his newly-found family.

4. He’s determined and focused.

When everybody else on the team refuses to train him, he turns to HR, who like him is taken for granted. Wally’s trying to prove himself in team where he’s babied by his family and not trusted with his powers enough, gets pushed to background every time. This is a common story-line when it comes to teenagers for some reason, but Wally is trying to beat it, in a bad-ass way. Heck yeah!

5. He’s underappreciated.

The character of Wally i.e. Kid Flash is sometimes underappreciated in the DCEU in comparison to Flash or Impulse. But here’s a secret: Wally can absorb powers from other people/objects, an ability no else speedster has including several other powers, a list of which you can find here. Beat that, will you?

All I can say is, give the kid some more screen time and more witty dialogue because that’s who Kid Flash is!

Written By: Tara Roy

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