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As February approaches, America will begin its yearly observation of Black History Month, a time of reflection of the tumultuous history of antiblackness, a salute to the prolific figures of the Civil Rights Movement and the Black freedom struggle, and conversations on contemporary black issues.

We here at NerdyPOC, often discuss representation within nerd spaces,how black folx occupy a small section of these space and are treated as rarities added to fit a shallow desire for “diversity”. Antiblackness within these space limits the opportunities and visibility of black folx, preventing us from being fully realized in media. Stereotypical roles and whitewashing are two of the easiest surface level issues to identity yet antiblackness can also manifests as misogynoir, erasure, revisionist story telling, white savior narratives etc.

Despite the few black folx in nerd media, those that are present do more than simply exist, they thrive and flourish.They create, they rule, they break barriers. The make us laugh, and cry, and smile. They teach us about our past, show us what our future could look like, and speak for our current experiences. Representation is like a mirror. Seeing these black folx exist in their truth, in the spaces we enjoy, we see ourselves in them. They justify our love for this media and our right to exist within these spaces. So, in observation of Black History Month, with our focus on nerd fandoms and spaces, the Black writers of NerdyPOC would like to present our upcoming feature “Black Nerd Profiles,” a series of articles throughout the months of February (U.S. Black History Month) and again in October (U.K Black History) focusing on black folx both real and fictional in nerd spaces.

The articles will discuss our favorite and personal idols and characters from music, tv shows, artists, anime, video games, STEM fields, movies etc giving background information on their personal story as well as our reflection on them. Though this series is begin during Black History Month in February and October it will continue throughout the year as a regular feature.

We will begin this series on February 1st, along with our regular content.

Author: Kendall Bazemore.

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