REVIEW: Riverdale – ‘The Last Picture Show’

Over the past few weeks, Riverdale’s popularity has skyrocketed and will continue to as the show is shaping up to be a great teen drama, something the CW has had no trouble delivering before. This new episode focuses on family and parental relationships as well as the well awaited for the exit of the creepy Miss Grundy.

We start off with the knowledge that Betty has a diary which is a plot device in this episode and probably won’t even feature again. Archie’s dad proves to be the greatest parent ever and Betty’s mum still the worst with no competition. Thanks to Betty and her sleuthing with Veronica they find out that Miss Grundy’s real name is Jennifer Gibson and she has a gun in her car and on top of all that she privately tutored Jason Blossom. Archie continues to blindly believe Miss Grundy and push away his friends, their scenes together were the maximum height of cringe-worthy and she fed him a sob story about an abusive husband that she left to cover up for Archie’s suspicions and while this may be true, the hardest part to believe is that she would change her name to Geraldine Grundy of all things.

Betty chronicles all her findings in the diary and I think purposely finds a way to have her mum “discover it”. Alice Cooper uses this to launch her crusade against Archie and involves Fred, the end result being bye bye Grundy and heart-warming father / son moments. I am more than pleased that this relationship did not follow in the Ezria direction, but we do now realise that what Betty did was evidence for her still romantic feelings for Archie, which she denied to Veronica.

The Jason Blossom mystery took a backseat this episode but Cheryl bitchery and incessant need to bring up Jason surely did not. Jughead is trying to valiantly trying to save the Twilight Movie drive-in theatre, which has been purchased by an anonymous source (I totally saw it coming that it was Hermione Lodge and her bag of cash), but what was most surprising is that Jughead is actually homeless- living at the Twilight and that his dad is a gang member. Jughead has now been hailed the cinnamon roll in need of hugs, but I am really keen to see his backstory and future hopefully fleshed out and all this proves is that Archie is a terrible friend. Apart from Veronica’s shady mom and newfound distrust in her, the only other interesting event would be that of KEVIN AND JOAQUIN- aptly described by a twitter user as Westside story with a homoerotic plot twist, I am more than keen to see this relationship unfold.

It was a decently portrayed episode and well within the show’s genre and reach, I only look forward to more despite the newfound popularity being a turn off for the elitist inside me.

Pop Culture quips and general observations:

  • Hermione schooled Cheryl about class.
  • Veronica calling Miss Grundy a “Booty Tutor”.
  • Betty being a general badass.
  • Jughead smiled when Betty mentioned Rebel without a cause- I ship Bughead.
  • Did this school not verify Miss Grundy’s CV?
  • The PCHers from Veronica Mars were a much cooler biker gang.
  • Who names their kid Jellybean?
  • True Detective.
  • Memes stating that Jughead can live at The Tipton are my favourite.
  • There was something so 2010-tween-sque about “Jughead Jones wuz here” but cute nevertheless..

Author: Faatimah Essack

Editor: Han Angus

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