REVIEW: Riverdale – Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!

The theme for this episode includes: fear and family problems or more specifically daddy issues and the odd ship or two or three, sailing in the distance.

We finally get to meet Polly who at this point seemed almost fictitious and that is thanks, tour darling two-part Scooby gang Betty and Jughead who would equal Shaggy and Velma for me. After a sneaky and uncomfortable breakfast at the Cooper’s they find out that Polly is being kept at home for troubled Youth. Once we get there as fans have speculated the beautiful Polly is, in fact, PREGNANT with Jason’s baby and she had no idea that he was no longer with us. According to Polly, they planned to run away on July 4th and her maniacal parents found out. The scenes between the sisters were filled with such tenderness and heartbreak as Alice came to break it up. I think Alice genuinely loves her children but has twisted views on what she believes is the right way to handle a situation.

Betty confronts her parents about her suspicions regarding Hal, and Alice sadistically brushes it off, there has to be more to this. THE BUGHEAD KISS ALSO HAPPENED, but for me, it felt a little rushed but also natural as the kiss it didn’t remain the focal point of their scenes that followed. I am very curious to see how the development of their relationship will play out especially since there is a negative response to Jughead not being asexual.

Polly mentioned a car near the maple syrup sign that Jason was keeping ready for their escape and Betty and Jughead had indeed found it… filled with drugs. The car managed to be set alight by the time Sherriff Keller arrived which is very mysterious and reminiscent of PLL. AND THE CLIFFHANGER ENDS WITH WHERE DID POLLY GO?

Rivderdale High was holding a variety show for the students and of course our Rockin’ Josie and the Pussycats were headlining but dear old Archiekins also throws his hat in the ring but suffers from stage fright. His new pal Val wants to step in but her loyalties lie with Josie, however even after Veronica steps in, Val quits the Pussycats after a spat with Josie. This leaves Archie in the red with Veronica but more than pleased to have Val, considering their budding friendship…At the end of it all Veronica and Val both perform as Pussycats, and Archie the honourable chap that he is goes on alone and gives a stellar performance and the out of nowhere ARCHIE AND VAL KISS. I really don’t see that ship lasting, even if Val’s beauty and talent is at a goddess level.

The daddy issues part is rather prevalent with Josie. We meet her dad the Jazz performer who values the arts over Capitalistic pursuits. He’s very proud and stubborn man who thinks little of Josie’s band and pop music and even goes so far to walk out of her Variety show performance. It gives us an insight into why Josie works so hard and has a gritty, cutthroat exterior. It was beautiful to see her mum step in and support and comfort her instead. Having at least one supportive parent is vital. The second Daddy issue is with Veronica, but the issue is his absence. Hermione and Fred decided to take their relationship to the next level despite both being married and Veronica is not pleased. To be honest, Hermione was really tactless and put her priorities first by forging Ronnie’s signature to give Fred the contract. Veronica and Josie were good support systems this episode and I look forward to seeing this friendship… blossom (where the heck was Cheryl?)

I really enjoyed this episode, it perfectly balances the grunge sleuthing with upbeat high school drama. I think from this story we see Betty and Jughead isolating themselves from the core group and focusing more on the mystery than high school friendships and Veronica is going to have a rock relationship with her mum in the future.

Pop culture Quips and general observations

  • Archie is lowkey an Ed Sheeran.
  • Ex-Machina.
  • Since when can Veronica sing?.
  • Ginger Judas.
  • Veronica needs a hug.
  • Why are nuns so creepy?
  • Josephine Baker.
  • You can be Jock and a singer Archie, Troy Bolton paved the way for you.
  • They acknowledge that Veronica is a WoC- but she looks really pale in the grunge lighting.
  • The Beatles.
  • Covergirl has never heard of subtly in advertising.
  • Okay really, where was Cheryl?
  • Where is Jughead living?

Author: Faatimah Essack

Editor: Han Angus

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