REVIEW: Riverdale – Heart of Darkness

This episode leads heavily into the Blossom and their twisted gothic lives behind closed doors at Thorne Hill and further explores Jughead and Betty’s sleuth pursuit.

The Blossoms are finally holding a memorial for Jason and we may forgive Cheryl to an extent for her bitchy tendencies because her parents’ are truly cold and vindictive. Cheryl and Veronica bury the hatchet and she invites her over for a sleepover where they have a terrifying dinner with the judgemental parents and they sleep in unrealistic silk nighties and necklaces. At the memorial, Cheryl dawns the white dress she wore the day Jason went missing and it is accompanied by music that is every level of extra. By the end, I just want to know if her giving that morbid speech really got her shipped off to boarding school.

Behind the scenes, Jughead and Betty are trying to solve the mystery and getting closer at the same time. Betty goes on a fake date with Trev and finds out that Jason was dealing drugs and got very distant and later at Throne Hill, they find out from a creepy old lady that Jason and Polly were in fact engaged. The biggest scene stealer would be Betty’s once silent dad Hal who is full of secrets. To recap: Betty’s grandfather was murdered by Cheryl’s and there are blood feuds over sweet maple syrup, Polly was supposedly self-harming and we are led believe that Hal murdered Jason by seeing that he has the murder board stolen from the Sherriff’s house. *Cue dramatic music*

Sometimes when I watch the show, I forget that Archie is technically our lead because his storyline seems less interesting and lackluster. This episode he focuses on music vs. football and which dream to go after. Initially, he’s pursuing both but always manages to undermine the other and Val becomes more helpful to him in this post-Grundy world. He meets with Oscar who mentors up and coming musicians but is totally put down and shattered but on the football, front manages to out captain Reggie with little to no effort, unless you count retiring Jason’s number, but thankfully he hands the title over to Reggie and is deemed honorable.

To be honest, I found this episode a bit lacking the usual Riverdale flare but it was quite revealing to the core mystery and I haven’t given up hope yet.

Pop Culture Quips and general observations:

  • I live for Veronica’s sassy comments.
  • Fred and Hermione are so much like Rufus and Lily and he totally gave her the job because he is in too her.
  • Dead men tell no tales- or they tell too many.
  • Hal looks like white supremacist bobblehead.
  • Penelope Blossom might just be worse than Alice Cooper.
  • Veronica choosing to let go of her short-lived feud with Cheryl is a sign of progression and leaving behind catfights and mean girls.
  • Archie’s name is actually Archibald.

Author: Faatimah Essack

Editor: Han Angus

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