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With so many comic book adaptations hitting the small screen and gaining success such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Flash, Supergirl, iZombie and more, there’s no reason to think a Teen Titans live-action show couldn’t happen. Back in 2015 a rumour spread of the show to be in the works, however, it was sadly cancelled. So in case DC, Netflix or The CW ever chooses to actually make a show here’s our recommended fancast.

*Prays to the DC gods they get this*

1. Robin / Tim Drake — Ryan Potter

If you’ve seen the original Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network you’d know the leader of the team to be Dick Grayson. However, in my opinion Tim Drake would make a great leader for this particular team. Tim, in this adaptation, would be thrust into the leadership role after Dick leaves to become Nightwing. Instead of us being introduced to him as someone who has complete composure and is a natural-born leader who doesn’t question his own motives, Tim would be doubtful of his own abilities regardless of how much Bruce Wayne trusts him. Ryan Potter would be an incredible person to play Tim and is a fan favourite, if you remember the 2016 Twitter campaign #RyanPotterForTimDrake many fans helped with in order to make DC heads think about him getting a role in the DCEU. Nonetheless, a small screen debut of a live-action Tim Drake played by Ryan Potter would leave us just as happy.

2. Starfire /Koriand’r – Auli’i Cravalho

Auli’i Cravalho is a newcomer to acting; with her incredible debut voicing the Disney hit animation, Moana. As inexperienced as some may think she is, Auli’i embodies Starfire and definitely one that could play Stafire in all her cuteness, all her Earthly curiosity and all her courageousness. She’d be the youngest on the team meaning the relationship with Starfire and Robin wouldn’t be possible seeing as Ryan is 21,however, I don’t think that would alter the show that much as people don’t love Kori solely for her relationship with Robin.

3. Beast Boy / Garfield Logan – Cameron Boyce

If you were too old for Disney Channel shows by the time Jessie came out you would have missed Cameron Boyce. But we’re sure you’ve heard of his innocent yet villainous role in Disney’s Descendents as Cruella De Vil’s son. Cameron is a perfect fit for Beast Boy and I cannot imagine anybody else playing him. He has the voice, the humour and in my opinion would look amazing as Beast Boy. Considering how Cameron easily gets along with most of his cast members, his relationship with Cyborg would be something we all need to see on screen. I hope I’m not the only one who would die to see the two in action side by side kicking butt, playing videogames and chowing down on food.

4. Raven – Ariela Barer

Tell me you’ve seen One Day At A Time?! If not have no worry, it’s currently on Netflix and Ariela kills in it. She’s a literal personification of Raven; the sarcasm, the monotone voice and even the gothic aesthetic. Ariela could easily bring Raven’s fierceness, whether it’s in her bibliophilic character or fighting on the streets. She’s basically Raven AF.

5. Cyborg / Victor Stone – Tyrel Jackson Williams

Tyrel is the younger brother of the hilarious Tyler James Williams, you may know him from the Disney XD show, Lab Rats. He along with Ryan would be the oldest of the group, I think he could be the initial “leader” of the group once Dick leaves, however, when Tim gets the job he feels as if he was cheated out of it. That would make a small rivalry in the first few episodes but of course they’d come to an agreement and eventually become really good friends. Tyrel has played comedic roles thus far so to see him balance Cyborg’s seriousness when it comes to missions and his brotherly friendship with Beast Boy would be interesting to watch.

Author: Han Angus

Editor: Ammaarah Mookadam

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