Disney, the power house movie company of our childhood, is now rebooting all of its past powerhouse movies from our childhood. Some were exciting and had a refreshing approach on our favorite movies such as “Maleficent” and “The Jungle Book.” And other upcoming Disney classic reboots may spark less of our excitement, no matter how much we loved the original, such as “Dumbo” and “Cruella De Ville” (I’m all for a complex villain story but I’d rather not watch the life of an animal abuser.) As the recent reboots have been successfully ruling the box office, and as we begin to doubt the outcome of the many others planned to come, I’ve suggested a particular movie that I think our generation deserves to see in live action and on the big screen: Kim Possible.

A live-action Kim Possible movie would focus on all things that check out for a successful movie and more; the focus on female empowerment, the importance of achieving at school, the much-needed emphasis on maintaining strong friendship and family bonds, and the movie would centralize around inspiring characters. This sounds like an incredible movie already! And I’ve decided on just the possible fancast to carry this exactly:

Kelsey Chow as Kim Possible (Chinese, English and Cherokee)

An underrated Disney alum, Kelsey embodies Kim completely; she can be sweet, she can be fierce and she’s determined on what she sets her mind on. As an action actress, Kelsey used to perform her own stunts and handle her weapons with ease on the Disney XD show “A Pair of Kings.” Now to put the debate to rest; it’s not about the hair color! Even if it was, Kelsey would look good in red.

Justice Smith as Ron Stoppable (African American and Italian/French -Canadian)

Currently making us swoon in his performances in Netflix’s The Get Down, Justice is no stranger to playing clumsy and adorkable characters. His contagious smile and impressive acting skills could certainly bring much more to Ron’s character and growth. Justice could maybe help us solve Ron’s iconic leap from the nacho-loving, comical sidekick to breaking the friendzone boundaries and becoming an utter sweetheart and Kim’s boyfriend.

Dexter Darden as Wade (African American)

What would Kim be without Wade? He is much more than the guy that tells Kim what’s the sitch. Wade is the super intelligent computer genius that sits in front of a legion of computers, always searching and hacking to find out if innocent people are in need of help or if malicious people are planning their dangerous endeavors that can be stopped. A true cyber activist. Dexter could effortlessly portray Wade’s quirky humor and his serious informative manner when detailing Kim’s missions.

Delanna Studi as Dr Ann Possible (Cherokee)

An underrated actress for an underrated role. Delanna is an activist in the film industry and has written, produced and starred in movies that highlight the cinematic lives of Native Americans. Dr Ann Possible, may just seem like the protagonist’s mom, but she’s a highly esteemed neurosurgeon and still manages to cook, clean, take care of her family and maintain a close bond with Kim.

Parry Shen as Dr James Possible (Chinese American)

Another underrated actor in an underrated role. Parry Shen plays a recurring role of a doctor in the dramatic show “General Hospital.” As serious as he is on screen, he’s actually quite funny in real life. This balance can perfectly portray Kim’s dad; a highly affluential astrophysicist at work and a jokester of a dad at the Possible household. He was also very supportive of Kim.

Lance Lim and Forest Wheeler as Jim and Tim Possible (both are Chinese American)

Kim’s mischievously intelligent twin brothers were always up to something with their makeshift inventions and their next-level pranks. Lance and Forest together would make an ultimate double-dynamic scene stealing duo — as they already do in their separate shows. Hicka-Bicka-Boo? Boo-Sha!

Terry Crews (African American) as Dr Drakken

Dr Drakken is an iconic villain in the KP-universe and it would be amazing to get to see his lair in real life. However, I have to be very blunt here, Drakken isn’t the smartest or most evil person to come across. Sure he has a great complex arc for a villain and his destructive inventions would surely bring doom to us all… but we all know that his not-so-villainous monologues and fights against Kim and Ron soiled his plans. Terry can bring that perfect scale of evil and comedy to Drakken that we need, maybe even achieve to carry out his plans. Terry has credentials of roles ranging from almost every genre — comedy and actions exclusively — so it would be bewildering to see him use his collected skills to play such an iconic villain that whines and complains as much as a teenager in the morning but has enough evil to create plans and devices to wipe out the population.

Ryan Destiny (African American) or Zoë Kravitz (African American, Afro-Bahamian and Ashkenazi Jewish) as Shego.

This is the fancast you’ve been waiting for! Ryan Destiny, although a newcomer on “Lee Daniel’s Star”, certainly has an assertive and wildly determined presence. She makes mean look so beautiful — a real baddie. Ryan isn’t ready to give up on a fight and she won’t back down if it means looking pathetic — just like Shego. And you can’t deny that the girl looks ravishing in green.

And then we have Zoë Kravitz; an ethereal walking woman of all of our dreams. Zoë has previously played roles that sided with the good, such as in “X-men: First Class” and “Divergent.” But she’d absolutely knock it at being evil. When did looking so good become so bad? As much as people deny it, Zoë is becoming an incredible actress and could certainly take on the role of Shego and portray her rage, her green and her carefree attitude assuredly.

Well, that’s the live-action Kim Possible fancast. If you have any comments or suggestions you can just call us, beep us, if you wanna reach us!

Author: Ammaarah Mookadam

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