Should Jason Todd Be A MOC?

With DC expanding the portrayals of the batfamily as new movies are being made for both Batgirl and Dick Grayson it should come to no surprise that fans want a movie for Jason Todd but who should play troubled former Robin, why should he be in the DCEU and should he be a MOC?

Jason would fit perfectly into the DCEU as his backstory would make a great film and we could go more in-depth than the DC Animated movie ‘Under The Red Hood’ or comics have. Jason has already been hinted twice in the DCEU with his Robin suit being shown in BVS with ‘The Joke’s on you batman’ scrawled over it and in Suicide Squad it’s revealed that Harley Quinn was an accomplice to the murder.

Fans for years have speculated on who should and would play the character, some say it should go to Jensen Ackles who voiced Jason in ‘Under The Red Hood’ whilst others say he should be played by a MOC.

However, people have said that it’s not possible for him to be a MOC due to his death and I understand why but I disagree. Casting a MOC as Jason wouldn’t be a bad thing, in fact, it might help his story a bit. Jason being a MOC would increase the value of him coming back, he could protect the underprivileged youth Bruce seems to ignore and the story could be centered around the side of historically disenfranchised people and why they’re forced to take the law into their own hands.

Since Batfleck is in his late 40s to early 50s Jason would be around his 20s/30s in the DCEU. The 3 actors I’ve picked are around that age range.

  1. Santiago Segura.

The Colombian-American actor has played Gustavo Acosta on MTV’s Scream. Gustavo is a dark, brooding outsider, constantly observing everyone from the sidelines. Santiago would pull Jason off effortlessly, he not only physically looks a lot like Jason the characters he has played especially Gustavo give off the brooding dark essences Jason would have after coming back from the dead.

2. Bob Morley.

Bob is of Irish / Filipino – Australian descent and currently plays Bellamy Blake on CW’s The 100. Bob for many is an incredible underrated actor who has proved himself in many of his roles but in the 100 he shines the most. Bellamy is someone who had to take a leadership role and tried his best to do good but failed at times. He makes mistakes, feels guilty and tries to redeem himself. I see a lot of Jason in Bellamy and Bob could pull it off really well. In my opinion Bob deserves this opportunity as he would certainly give Jason justice and give the Filipino community some great representation.

3. Ludi Lin.

Ludi is of Chinese-Canadian descent and you may recognize him from the 2017 reboot of the ‘Power Rangers’ where he played Zack Taylor aka the Black Ranger. Ludi’s character is one that steps up when the going gets tough and becomes the leader of the team but he also has an adventurous streak to him. A huge headcanon for Jason is that he’s half Chinese as his mother may be Lady Shiva. It would be cool to see DC go deep into the fandom and use a headcanon like this that would lead to Jason meeting his real mother after he had gone through the traumatic event of having his ‘mother’ give him up to the Joker.

It’d be such great opportunity for Jason Todd to be a man of color, it’d really give an opportunity for people of color to feel represented and not make it seem like white angst. Jason Todd is such an interesting character and I hope he gets justice on the big screen

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