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It’s about that time again for a Nerdy POC fancast! This time the staff took on the task of filling a fantasy cast for a live-action film version of the Nickelodeon classic, Danny Phantom.

In this version instead of all the kids being in junior high, they’d all be seniors in high school. No time skip, same story but with Danny starting his Senior year having just gotten his powers over the summer. Danny’s a kid still struggling with school in his senior year, who now has to deal with having ghost powers. His best friends -Tucker and Sam- were by his side ever since his transformation, but with graduation around the corner and colleges calling from around the country, will they leave their longtime friend for a ticket out of Amity Park?

At the same time, Vlad Plasmius sees Danny as the perfect way to get back at Jack for what he did to him so many years ago. Will Danny be able to get a hold on his ghost powers and keep his friends, his family, and his city together?

Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom – RJ Cyler

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RJ’s an up-and-coming actor, making a big splash as Billy in the new Power Rangers movie. He’s got the youthful charm and the range to take on the role of awkward-teen-turned-half-ghost-superhero Danny Phantom.

Tucker Foley – Marcus Scribner

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Marcus already plays the hilariously nerdy Andre Johnson Jr. on Black-ish. Throw some ghost-hunting technology his way and you’ve got a perfect fit for the role of Tucker Foley, Danny’s faithful, geeky companion.

Sam Manson – Lana Condor

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Lana Condor made her acting debut as Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, and she’s set to star in the upcoming film Alita: Battle Angel, so it’s safe to say she’s got a knack for sci-fi roles. She would be perfect as the goth girl ghost hunter Sam Manson.

Jack Fenton – Lil Rel Howery

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As Rod, the voice of reason in the smash hit Get Out, Lil Rel knows a thing or two about roles that deal with the abnormal. His comedic timing and gung-ho attitude would make him a perfect Jack Fenton, the overzealous lovable dad of Danny Phantom.

Maddie Fenton – Sasheer Zamata

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Sasheer Zamata is just funny. She was funny in her Beyoncé impression videos, to her criminally underutilized characters in SNL. However, her recent role as Georgi in Sleight shows that she knows how to be a firm mother figure when the time calls for it. Marry those talents together, and she’d be perfect for the reserved but lowkey-highkey badass ghost-stomping mom Maddie Fenton.

Jazz Fenton – Ashleigh Murray

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Ashleigh Murray is a very talented young actress, currently playing Josie, the leader of the Pussycats band in Riverdale. She knows how to bring a no-nonsense authority to a role, making the role as overbearing older sister Jazz Fenton a walk in the park for her.

Vlad Plasmius – Keith Stanfield

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Keith Stanfield knows how to play two roles at the same time, playing the cheerful Andre Hayworth turned reserved mind puppet Logan King in Get Out. His range (and that smooth voice) would make him a great villain. Why not Vlad Plasmius, former colleague of Jack Fenton turned half-ghost hybrid sworn to take back what he believes Jack took from him? Keith Stanfield’s got a compelling villain just waiting to be showcased.

Dash Baxter – Shameik Moore

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We all know that super popular kid who knew all the wild dance moves, but would drop you like an artist with struggling album sales. Shameik Moore is bouncing off playing the smooth-talking-hustler-turned-DJ Shaolin Fantastic on The Get Down, so playing a bully that gets under Danny’s skin would be right up his alley.

Mr. Lancer – Louis C.K.

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Sarcastic? Check. Loves joking about what kids do? Check. Bald? Checkity-check-check. Seasoned comedian Louie C.K. has just the amount of dry wit to play a fed up teacher who yells book exclamations whenever a ghost-related incident unfolds.

Valerie Gray – Antoinette Robertson

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Having just played Coco Conners, a Chicagoan socialite looking to escape her rough past in the Netflix series Dear White People, Antoinette Robertson would be a great fit for the role of Valerie Gray, a girl who was born into a rich family that falls on hard times, with Danny to blame. Antoinette’s ability to make you love a character you should be turned off by makes her perfect for the role of the ghost hunter for hire.

Skulker – Noah Munck (Voice actor)

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Noah is a Nickelodeon alum, playing Gibby on iCarly. It would be fun to have him come back to be the voice of the menacing but overcompensating ghost version of Kraven the Hunter.

Paulina Sanchez – Jamila Velazquez

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The beautiful and talented Jamila Velazquez just came off a recurring role on Empire as Hakeem’s love interest who could sing her heart out. Anyone can picture her as Paulina, the “It” girl in school that everyone wants to be around…including Danny and Dash.

Do you agree with the fancasts? Think you could cast it better? Leave your fancasts in the comment section below, or hit us up on Twitter @nerdypoc!

Author: Lorenzo Simpson

Editor: Juwairiyah Khan

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1 thought on “Danny Phantom Fancast

  1. My Fancast:
    Ben Schwartz as Danny
    Brec Bassinger as Sam
    Brandon Mychal Smith as Tucker
    Mike Pollock as Vlad
    Jessica DiCicco as Jazz
    Brian Stepanek as Jack
    Rosa Blasi as Maddie
    Jack Black as Mr Lancer
    Kat Graham as Valerie
    Alanna Ubach as Paulina
    Greg Cipes as Dash
    Ella Anderson as Dani
    Roger Craig Smith as Skulker/Bertrand
    Zelda Williams as Ember
    Jason Mantzoukas as Box Ghost
    Travis Willingham as Walker
    Benjamin Diskin as Johnny 13
    Catherine Taber as Spectra
    Tom Kenny as Technus
    Kirk Thornton as Clockwork
    Nolan North as Dark Danny
    Iain Armitage as Youngblood
    Eric Bauza as Freakshow

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