A Totally Awesome ‘Totally Spies’ Fancast

In this Nerdy POC fancast, we’ll be discussing who we would want in a Totally Spies live-action television series! In this rendition of the show, the spies are attending college/university like in the latter seasons of the show.

If you’re unfamiliar with Totally Spies, it was a cartoon that aired in the early 2000’s that chronicled the lives of three young women called Sam, Clover, and Alex. The girls attended school, but also led a double life as secret agents for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP). Jerry is the leader of WOOHP who recruited the girls and also assigns them missions that often involve facing various villains.

1. Sydney Park as Sam.

You might recognize Sydney Park from when she was a little girl on That’s So Raven, but we’re casting her as the leader of the team for her role on The Walking Dead. Park’s character Cindie, was forced to make difficult decisions and faced them with bravery and made decisions that benefited the group, not the few. Obviously, The Walking Dead is a much darker show than Totally Spies is, but because of it, Sydney has proven that she’s perfect for the role.

2. Jessica Sula as Alex.

Doing research for this fancast shed light on how few Afro-Latina actresses there are in Hollywood, especially ones who are under twenty-five. However, Jessica Sula is a small beacon of hope for this problem. Sula is of Afro-Latina, Chinese, German, and Estonian descent. Sula isn’t a well-known actress, but in the few major roles she’s had, she’s shown that she has the sweetness (Skins) and the toughness (Split) to play Alex.

3. Dove Cameron as Clover.

Clover has the personality of a stereotypical teen girl, however, her femininity doesn’t undermine her ability as a spy. Dove Cameron has demonstrated her ability to express that bubbly, girly persona, such as the titular Liv on Liv and Maddie, as well as roles that are more bad-ass, such as her work in the Descendants films.

4. Sterling K. Brown as Jerry.

Jerry is the resident father-figure for the super-spy team. But, I’m not sure how good of a father he is considering that he encourages his ‘kids’ to go on life-endangering missions by providing them with weapons. Regardless, Jerry does have the well-being of the spies as a top priority. Sterling K. Brown is an incredibly talented actor. He’s played fairly mellow, parental-type figures before on This Is Us and also more intense roles, like on American Crime Story. In short, he has the range and playing Jerry would be a piece of cake.

5. Cierra Ramirez as Mandy.

Mandy is the central villain of the girls’ ‘normal’ lives at school and she’s essentially the Regina George of the school. She butts heads with Clover the most mainly because of their similar interests in boys, fashion, and popularity. Cierra Ramirez is another young actress who is fairly new to Hollywood. Her character on The Foster’s shows that Ramirez can deliver when it comes to Mandy’s cattiness. It would be really interesting to see Ramirez expand her acting repertoire by playing a villain.

6. Ryan Potter as Blaine.

Blaine is essentially the male version of Clover; he even is secretly a spy as well. Initially, Blaine was hunting the spies down because he was hired to do so and he was informed that they were ‘evil’, but his boss was revealed to be a villain and Blaine was actually a good spy. If you’ve seen the campaign video that Ryan Potter made to play Robin, then you know that he will have no problem meeting the physical demands of this role. And, he has the charm and acting abilities, which makes him perfect for this role.

7. Lana Condor as Britney.

Britney is another spy for WOOHP who is intellectual and is very talented at being a spy. On top of that, she’s incredibly friendly. But, she wasn’t part of the central team because Alex believed that she was her replacement for a short while. In the end, the girls become friends, but she was assigned to work in Australia. In our version of Totally Spies, Britney would receive more, well-deserved screen time. Lana Condor’s acting debut was in X-Men: Apocalypse as Jubilee, thus showing that she’s game for an action film or show. She’s also going to be starring in the film adaptation of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, which means that she’s also game for YA projects. She would do Britney justice.

What are your thoughts on these fancasts? Would you want to see a live-action Totally Spies?

Author: Allison Ku

Editor: Han Angus

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