2019 is the Year of Keanu Reeves.

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Take that as you will but this  Weekend Reeves was trending on Twitter.

Mostly  Reeves made  an appearance this weekend at E3 Xbox Press conference. E3  short Electronic Entertainment Expo held  each year in in Los Angeles, where  electronic fans,reporters , and game industry professionals  gather to learn more about what’s to come in the game industry.  In surprise appearance Reeves announced his involvement in Cyber Punk 2077 a game  reveleaved at the Xbox Press Conference held at E3. CyberPunk 2077 (view trailer here) seems to be an action adventure game, fans  can expect to play it next April. A virtual rendering of Reeves makes a  cameo appearance little is known of what role he will actually play.

Keanu  Reeves is  playing a toy  in the latest installment of Pixar’s  Toy Story, he voices a character named Duke Kaboom. A character is  a parody of Evil Kenevil a stunt who gained prominence in the 70s. Many  were delighted in a recent video that surfaced on social media this past weekend view this video here.

Reeves was also cast in Romantic  Comedy Always Be My Maybe as a supporting  character who was one of three suitors all vying for Ali Wong’s character. Many were delighted for the film itself because Asian Americans are not often seen as Romantic leads in American made films. Many were tickled to see Reeves typically  cast as an action hero in this comedic role, the character himself making a mockery of his serious demeanor. Always Be My Maybe is now streaming on Netflix.  One of NPOC staff covered it , take a gander at this .

Many people  know Reeves  from the successful John Wick series and the Matrix trilogy. It’s not  doubt that Reeves is a Hollywood heavyweight. Many people don’t see him as a person of color. While  Reeves is often cast as a white person, he himself is not colorblind. He has cited his Asian heritage on multiple  occasions as seen here, he knows he cannot speak for the entire community.

While we know that Hollywood and American Media needs more Asian representation the sudden resurgence in Keanu Reeves is promising.
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