Children of the Sea trailer gives us a first look into the Next Anime Sensation

Today is a good day for anime fans with the release of the “Children of the Sea” trailer.

According to AsianPulseMovie, “Children of the Sea” is being produced by Studio 4C, an award-winning Japananes animation company. This new movie is an adaption of Daisuke Igarashi’s manga, which is also received some awards.  Its musical score will be created by Joe Hisayshi, and its theme song has been written and composed by Kenshi Yonezu. Yonezu himself is a personal fan of the anime that this movie is based on. Kenichi Konshi will be behind the character design.

The film will make its debut in Japan on June 7th. Its released date for the United States has yet to set, however, it is expected to come to America later this year.

The synopsis of “Children of the Sea” reads:

“During a summer vacation, Ruka, an introverted and disaffected junior high school student, meets two mysterious boys raised by dugongs “Umi” and “Sora,” that can swim like fish. Ruka’s dad works at an aquarium and memories of a ghost she saw there in her childhood still hunt her.

Meanwhile, something strange and unexplained is happening all over the world: fish are disappearing. So, Ruka, the 2 boys and the adults from the aquarium begin their fascinating marine adventure.”

Let us know what you think of the trailer. For more news of nerdy people of colour, just go here.

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