Tracee Ellis Ross to star in the Daria spinoff, Jodie

Fan favorite character Jodie Landon, from the early 2000’s MTV series “Darla”, is getting her own spinoff, starring Tracie Ellis Ross. 


Millennials who watched MTV growing up will likely remember the adult comedy, “Daria”, which spanned five years. Luckily for them, MTV is not done with its characters just yet. Jodie Landon will be receiving her own spin-off show, with Tracee Ellis Ross voicing the character. She will also serve as the executive producer of the show. According to Buzzfeed, the series will follow Jodie as she enters the workforce after graduating from college. While there are not many more details confirmed about the series, it has been announced Jodie will be entering the tech industry.

When talking about what the series will be about, Ross had to say:

“It will be a smart, funny workplace comedy full of commentary about everything from gentrification to sex to tech to call-out culture.”

Ross also added:

“As a very cool bonus, Jodie will be the first adult animated show in almost 20 years that will star a black woman.” 

So, fans of the original Daria series, are you excited about this announcement? Let us know with a comment or a tweet. For more news on nerdy people of color, just go here.

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