Jermaine Fowler cast in Coming to America Sequel

The upcoming Coming to America sequel has released some news that Jermaine Fowler will be one of the lead actors in the film. 

According to the ShadowandAct, Jermaine Fowler will be one of two lead actors in the film. There will be one male lead and one female lead. Fowler is set to play Laville, a good-hearted Queens hustler. Laville was raised by his mother and discovers that he might be the heir to the Zamundan throne. Laville described as a light-hearted character who has issues with authority. The other lead, who has yet to be cast, will be Meeka. Meeka is a 20-year-old proud Zamundan who is described as athletic and very capable of defending herself. Compared to Laville, she is much more in control of her temperament.

Eddie Murphy, Arsono Hall, Shari Headley, and James Earl Jones will be returning for this sequel. Kenya Barris will be writing the script. Craig Brewer is directing the movie. “Coming to America 2” is expected to be released to theaters on August 7th, 2020.

Are you excited for a Coming to America sequel? What you like Hollywood to come up with something else? Let us know with a tweet or comment. For more nerdy news about people of color, just go here. 

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