Ludi Lin interested in playing Shang Chi, in the upcoming Marvel movie

In an exclusive interview with HN entertainment, actor Ludi Lin declared that he would love to play Shang Chi, in the upcoming Marvel movie. 

Ludi Lin is best known for his roles in “Power Rangers” and the Netflix series “Marco Polo.” However, he is looking to add Shang Chi to his filmography, if given the chance. In an interview with HN entertainment, Ludi Lin talked about his love of comic books. When asked if he wanted to be cast as Shang Chi, Lin said:

 “Of course, I want to be cast, but you never know. So I’m already happy they’re making something like this. And then, if the opportunity comes, what is meant to be is what is meant to be.”

Ludi Lin might get his wish since, according to various reports, he is being considered for the roles. However, nothing about the film’s cast has been announced yet and likely won’t be for quite some time. Marvel Studios has yet to even announce their phase 4 lineup besides a Black Widow prequel film and an Eternals movie.

Do you want Ludi Lin to play Shang Chi in first Marvel with an Asian lead? Do you think that there is someone else better for the job? Let us know with a comment or a tweet. And for more nerdy news on people of color, just go here.

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