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Young Justice has a special place in d.c comics fandoms. The show was the best comic book related animated series since the Burton era of animation. It had a combination of excellent storytelling, great animation, and good voice acting. This made it hard for fans when the show was cancelled. That anger lasted for years until Young Justice season 3 was officially greenlit. Now, if it were to join the list of Live-Action shows, here’s who NerdyPoC’s would like to see as the cast of young justice. It will focus on season 2.

Julian Walker as Aqualad

Julian Walker is best known for his role in Being Mary Jane, as Ty. You can also find him in movies such as Blackbird. I chose Walker for Aqualad because of his role in Blackbird. In the film, Walker plays a young man coming to terms with his sexuality. Walker, in this role, showed that he has range when it comes to his acting ability. He showed the audience all of the complex emotions of his character and he did it well. There is no doubt that he would be an excellent Kaldur’ahm. Another thing that is important to note is that Aqualad is now a canon black gay man. It is important for that not to be erased, since people who are both black and gay, rarely get to see themselves as the heroes in the media. For Aqualad to be proper representation for black gay men, he needs to played by an actor who is black and gay. Julian Walker is an openly gay black man, and with him as Aqualad, he can provide that representation.

RJ Cyler for Wally West

If you saw recent Power Rangers reboot, then you know who this young man is. Cyler is my choice for Wally for his ability to balance a sense of humour and deep thought within his role. A prime example of him doing this is his role on the Showtime show, and I’m dying up here. Cyler plays a character, Adam, who was a generally fun loving person yet has a deep and insightful side as well. He plays this character well. Given that Wally has a similar personality to Adam, Cyler has shown that he could be a good Wally West.

Avan Jogia for Superboy

Avan Jogia is best known for his role on Victorious, but he has also had many roles in other tv shows and films. Throughout these roles, Jogia has shown that he has the ability to be stoic while still showing some vulnerability. This is what would make him a good Connor Kent. Jogia is a skilled enough actor to show the depth of a closed off person such as Connor.

Alisha Boe for Miss Martian

Alisha Boe is best known for her role as Jessica on the 13 reasons why. That role is actually why we’ve chosen her for Miss Martian. In the show, Boe showed that she could be fun loving and light-hearted like Miss Martian generally is. She also showed that she could show the depths of Jessica’s character as well. Boe’s performance on the show proved that she could be a great Miss Martian.

Lana Condor for Artemis

Lana Condor had a rather small role in her debut role as Jubilee X-men apocalypse. However, she is still our choice for Artemis. She showed that she was comfortable with being a character who was both headstrong yet playful. These qualities would make Lana an excellent Artemis since that is the exact archetype of the character.

Forrest Goodluck for Roy Harper

Forrest Goodluck made his breakout acting debut in the revenant as Hawk. Although, his performance in Ink is what makes him our choice for Roy Harper. In the movie, he plays Deslin, an introverted foster child trying to get out of the system. In this role, Goodluck showed that he had the skill to play a truly damaged character who’s trying to be better. That’s the exact type of character that Roy is. Also, Roy Harper is a person whose origin has a great deal of native American history tied to it. The days of white characters using the PoC cultures are over. Since Roy’s history is tied to Native American culture, he should be played by a Native American actor.

Ryan Destiny for Rocket

Ryan Destiny is best known for her role on Star as Alex. We’ve picked her for Rocket because she’s shown that she could play a headstrong and smart character in the role. Destiny showed that she also goes beyond the surface of her character and show her more profound emotions. There is no doubt that she be able to on the role of Rocket.

Becky G for Barbara Gordon

Becky G started her career as a singer. However, she made her breakthrough role in Hollywood in the power rangers reboot. Her appearance in the movie makes her a prime candidate for Barbara Gordon. G showed that she could pull off the sarcastic witty which Barbara has been prone to use in multiple incarnations. She showed she was comfortable in this time of role too.

Kai Johnson for Beast Boy

Kai Johnson is an upcoming child actor who is our choice for Beast Boy. He’s also a talented singer and guitarist as well. Johnson’s role has been mostly light-hearted and fun roles. This is why we think that he would play an excellent Beast Boy. Johnson has shown that he has the talent to capture the fun-loving nature of Garth.

Aramis Knight for Tim Drake

Aramis Knight is best known for his role on Into the Badlands as M.K. He has also had a small role in the Dark Knight and Ender’s Game. Knight has shown that he has the charisma to play Tim in these roles. In Into the Badlands, he played an emotionally vulnerable character who has a range of emotions. He was able to immerse himself in the role and play it convincingly. There is no doubt he’d be a great Tim Drake.

Yindra Zayas as Bumblebee

Yindra Zayas biggest role in Hollywood so far has been as a student on Girl Meets World. In this role, she’s shown that she can play a smart character with wit and a sense of humour. This is the type of character that Bumblebee is. Zayas has demonstrated that she can play a role like her.

Malcolm David Kelly as Guardian

Malcolm David Kelly has had a variety of roles in Hollywood over the last decade. He starred in Lost for six years as he held roles in the Knights of the South Bronx. Kelly has a long list of great performances. His length resume of movies and television roles shows that he has the talent and range to play Mal Duncan.

Hazal Kaya for Zantanna

Hazal Kaya is a Turkish actress who best known for her roles on various Turkish tv shows. Her current role is as Flitz on Birim Hikaye. Through this character, Kaya has shown that she has the range to show the joy and personal depth that Zatanna has.

Paris Berelc for Wonder Girl

Paris Berelc has been a star in a few different Disney channel shows over the years. Currently, she has a role in the new upcoming show, Alex and Kate. Berelc has been able to show off her sense of fun and excitement in these roles. Wondergirl is the type of role that needs an actress who can do that. Berelc is our choice for Wondergirl because she’s proven that she can take on the kind of character that Cassie is.

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