Young Justice Introduces Gender Non-Conforming Character




Young Justice is back with the second half of the highly-anticipated season 3. On July 2nd, three new episodes were released on the DC Universe streaming app, with the first new episode revealing that Halo, a new character introduced at the beginning of the season, identifies as gender non-conforming. 


In the episode titled “Influence,” Halo along with Terra, Geo-Force and Forager were recruited as full-fledged members of the Justice League’s covert ops team. Senior member Miss Martian commented that it was nice to see another non-Earthling join the team, referring to Forager’s induction into Young Justice after being outcast by the Bug-People of New Genesis. When Tigress comments about the addition of more girls on the team, Halo reveals that even though they present as an Arab woman, they do not identify as either male or female. This leads to a touching moment between Halo and their partner Geo-Force, who vows to love them no matter how they identify. 


This revelation is a much-needed win for LGBTQIA+ representation in mainstream media. Gender non-conforming characters are highly underrepresented in TV and film, especially ones of color. Halo’s addition to the show is another opportunity for gender non-conforming individuals to see themselves reflected in the media they consume. 


Watch new episodes of Young Justice on DC Universe.

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