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Terry Crews says that “White Chicks 2” is happening

Terry Crews, best known for his roles in “White Chicks” and “Everyone Hates Chris”, confirms that “White Chicks 2” is happening. 

“White Chick” is probably one of the most recognizable black comedies on the 2000s. The movie followed two black FBI agents, played by Shawn and Marlon Wayne, who pretended to be white women to a wealthy hotel heiress. Keenan Irony Wayans directed the movie, which grossed 113 million worldwide. Well, fans of the film are in luck, since Terry Crews has confirmed that a sequel is in the works. According to blackfilm, Crews confirmed it in an interview with Andy Cohen. In the interview, Crews said that Shawn Wayne told him that it was in the works.  Crews said:

 “You know what, I actually got with Shawn, and he was like ‘man we doing it, we getting it going…’ Fifteen years ago, you have to understand. Fifteen years ago as of this month. I’m staying in shape just for that movie.”

You can watch the interview right here:

Beyond this interview, there is no other news on “White Chicks 2.” If what Crews said is right, that will likely change soon.

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