Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things

If you’ve already found the time to binge the entirety of Stranger Things, season three, and are begging for more then you’re in luck!

Secret Cinema has been allowing film buffs to step into their favourite films since 2007, with purpose-built sets, live-actors, and high-level audience interaction they’ve whisked guests out of reality and taken them “back to the future” to Hill Valley, CA, did the can-can at the Moulin Rouge (see below), and punched it to hyper-speed from Earth to a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Now for the first time ever, Secret Cinema is bringing a television series to life with Secret Cinema Presents: Stranger Things.

“Surfing the wave of 80’s nostalgia and littered with references and influences from blockbuster films, Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things promises to transport audiences back to one of the richest and most iconic periods in popular culture.”

This November you will be able to visit a secret location somewhere in London, which will be not only be transformed into Hawkings, Indiana but also the dreaded realm of “The Upside Down” and it’s all thanks to Secret Cinema.

Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things opens on 13th November and runs until 23rd February. Matinee performances will also be available for young adults (15+) each Saturday.

Tickets are available to buy now from

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By: Jordan Simmons

Edited By: Keshav Kant

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