Snyder Cut image gives a new look at Justice League’s Cyborg

A new, never seen before, image from Justice League’s Snyder Cut gives us a look at Cyborg. 

According to Ray Fisher, the actor who plays Victor Stone, Snyder shot enough footage of 2017’s Justice League two separate movies. However, given that Snyder had to step down from the movie due to personal tragedy, most of Justice League was reshot. However, Snyder’s footage still exists and DCEU fans have been wanting it for some time. Despite that, it does not look like that cut of the film will ever be released. Nonetheless, that does not stop Zach Snyder or Warner Brothers from teasing fans with the idea of it. Zach Snyder recently released an image from his footage. It shows Cyborg visiting his mother’s grave.

According to Screenrant, Fabian Wagner, the director of photography for the movie, wrote under this post:

This was a great scene to shoot. So nice to see this picture. Would have loved to have seen the final cut of it.”

What do you think of this photo? Are you still holding out hope for the Snyder Cut? Have you given up hope that you’ll ever see it? Let us know with a comment or a tweet. And for more nerdy news about people of color, just go here. 

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