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Tia Mowry will be starring in Netflix comedy “Family Reunion”

Tia Mowry will star in a leading role in the new Netflix Comedy, “Family Reunion.”

Tia Mowry is probably best known for her roles in “The Game” and “Sister Sister”. However, the actress is adding another show to her resume. According to the Philadelphia Tribute, she will star in the Netflix comedy, “Family Reunion”. Mowry will play Cocoa, a mother of four children. The family, along with her pro athlete husband, played by Anthony Alabi, attends a family reunion in Colombus Georgia. They fall in love with the area and decide to move there. This leads to clashes between Cocoa and her parents, who do not agree with her parenting style. Mowry had this to say about the character:

“She was a cheerleader growing up. The popular girl. She loves everything about motherhood and parenting. She’s all about going with the flow with life. She loves yoga. She loves all different types of religions. She’s non-judgmental. She shares clothes with her daughter. That’s how I am in real life. It’s refreshing and fun to see this non-traditional family being put in this fish-out-of-water situation.”

She also added:

“Netflix gives a lot of freedom in regards to creating your own voice. All these writers have lived the moments in the stories. It’s all very real, down to the dialogue.”

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