A Cuphead show is coming soon!

Many people would know that Cuphead is a popular video game released in 2017  where players could play the titular character or his brother Mugman. Cuphead is more outgoing of the duo, while Mugman is on the shier side, the two dwell in the fictional world of Inkwell Isle.  It’s a side scroll game that had an aesthetic akin to what you would see in earlier animation of yesteryear. It’s styled in the rubber hose animation style popularized of Steamboat Willie.  The game since 2017 on Xbox One has been released on both PC and the Nintendo. Cuphead is a run and gun indie video game developed and published by StudioMDHR. Studio MDHR is an indie gaming company based out of Canada. The game is popular having sold over 4 million copies, many people have seen the merchandise everything from Funkos and even a comic by Dark Horse Comics. This is interesting because in the world of gaming where first-person shooters reign supreme and many developers choose for a hyperrealistic aesthetic. The Cuphead game is refreshing revisioning a classic style of gameplay and animation. Not much is known about the show for the time being. However, the show already has a lading page on Netflix.

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