August Book Recommendation

Here are seven books you need to check out this month!

Scythe and Thunderhead by Neal Shushterman

With “The Toll,” the third and final book of the “Arc of a Scythe” series coming this fall there is no better time to read the first to books than now!

In a future where government, crime, disease and death are distant memories and the earth is run by “The Cloud,” Neal Shushterman’s explores goodness and evil within the human heart. Join Terra Citranova and Rowan Damisch in their literal fight for survival in a world where mortality isn’t supposed to exist.

Pacifica by Kristen Simmons

What do you get when you mix Pirate royalty, a President’s son, a polluted world and the fight against misogynistic politics? Pacifica!

The story follows Marin and Ross as they’re tossed into a rescue mission to save their loved ones, with a price too steep to pay and a ransom too good to pass up.

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir

If you like existential dread, distrusting governing agencies and space exploration this book is the one for you!

With the world on the brink of ecological collapse, Leo, an Italian swimmer and Naomi, a Californian science wiz are drafted to join the International Space Training Camp, to join a mission in hopes of rehabilitating humanity.

All the previous missions have failed, so will Leo and Naomi be able to find survival out amongst the stars?

Not Your Sidekick By C.B Lee

Welcome to C.B Lee’s world of Andover, where powers are real, but living wages still aren’t…

Follow Jessica Tran’s journey when an attempt to boost her college prospects leads to an internship for evildoers, and uncovering an odious plot that is greater than college applications.

The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Did you hate Joffrey Baratheon? Yes? Perfect! Because you’ll hate Khalid, Caliph of Khorasan even more!

Each night a new bride enters his room only to be found dead in the morning until he marries Shahrzad, the one bride who makes it past the first night. Little does he know that Shahrzad only volunteered to marry him out of a desire to avenge the death of her friend.

Dry by Neal Shushterman and Jarrod Shushterman

Welcome to my personal hell as an anxious doomsday prepper.

Dry follows the events after a drought called ‘Tap Out’ in Southern California. Through the eyes of Alyssa and her younger brother we see the heroes and villains that emerge in times of crisis.

Neighbours turned against one another, beloved pets forsaking their owners for survival, and the corruption of government officials and business owners hoping to secure their own futures at the cost of human lives.

By: Keshav Kant

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