Phenomenal Woman: Moira Stuart

Moira Stuart was the first Caribbean female newsreader in the United Kingdom. She has worked with the BBC since the 1970s and then moved to television news in 1981.

Born in 1949, to Bajan-Dominican parents, Stuart grew up in London and attended school in Stamford Hill.

Stuart has been working in journalism for over four decades and during this time has been a victim of sexism and ageism while being in the industry. In 2007, Stuart announced that she would be leaving her role on the televised Sunday AM segment on the BBC. It was later rumoured that this was due to executives believing her to be “too old”. Many people, including viewers and other colleagues, campaigned for her to stay, but in late 2007 Stuart ended her 34-year long career with the BBC TV and Radio Service.

moira and trevor
Moira Stuart with Trevor McDonald

Stuart continues to work in radio currently on Classic FM, as a lover of jazz, this has been a great move for her as she has been able to share her favourite classics with the world. Stuart has been said to have spearheaded the movement of Black journalists, which allowed for them to appear on the screen. She has been the recipient of numerous awards in the world of journalism spanning back from 1988.

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