Phenomenal Woman: Miss Major

Photo Credit: Still from MAJOR! the documentary about her life

“That’s how it started. Since no one was going to do it for us, we had to do it for ourselves.”

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, born October 25th, 1940, is a Trans Elder, and one of the participants of the Stonewall Riots.

Like many of the Trans elders and activists of the time, Miss Majors took part in the Ballroom Scene of New York City. It was here that she found her way to the Stonewall Inn and eventually amid the raids.

After being struck by a violent police officer, she was taken into custody, where a corrections officer reportedly broke her jaw. Miss Majors also attended the infamous Central Park gay rally, where trans activist Slyvia Rivera was booed off the stage.

Miss Major later moved to San Diego in 1978. She then focused her attention on starting grassroots movements and community efforts to assist trans women dealing with homelessness, addiction, incarceration. During the AIDS epidemic, she provided additional assistance in healthcare and funereal efforts.

In 2003 she began working with Transgender Gender Variant Intersex Justice Project, as an Executive Director.

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