The Ones We're Meant To Find by Joan He

The Ones We’re Meant To Find: A Glimpse Into A Possible Future

“The Ones We’re Meant To Find is a deep dive into the world of love, commitments and secrets in the face of ecological collapse. Taking you places you could not imagine!”

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The Ones We’re Meant To Find is a deep dive into the world of love and commitment post ecological disaster.

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The caption reads "Some secrets are best left at sea."
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The story follows two sisters. Cee, the life of the former party, finds herself washed ashore on a deserted island. With no memories except that she needs to return to her sister. And Kasey, who’s living in one of the few habitable sanctuaries left, bombarded with voices telling her to move on. Dealing with the weight that she might be able to save humanity from their doom.

If you’re familiar with Joann He’s work, you know that the traditional idea of sequels isn’t her thing. Instead, she crafts entire worlds and stories in the confines of a single book, and she does this spectacularly! 

The Ones We’re Meant To Find is a slow build, and the pace reflects that. 

As the initial chapters go by, we see the alternating perspectives of the sisters. As well as their internal conflicts about the lives they’re living.

Cee’s sole focus is to escape the island and find her sister. Even though she’s got no clue where to sail too. But, she also battles her realization that maybe she could have a decent life alone in the routine she’s established. Kasey, on the other hand, is on the run from parties and people. Everyone assumes that the missing sister is no longer alive, but Kasey refuses to entertain the thought.

It brings a level of disjointedness to the story. Yes, the sisters adore each other, but something happened. Why are they apar? Especially when the sanctuaries are to be the only safe places to live?

As the first half of the book chugs along, He weaves in details and development that seem minor and mundane. That is until you reach the twist, and we’re talking Blue Exorcist level twists! 

Not to spoil The One We’re Meant To Find for you. But the reveal of this twist instantaneously changes the mood and pace of the story. It’s as if He slammed her foot in the accelerator; you sit there gripping the pages. Holding on as the story takes you places you could not imagine. The vague hints and subtle details all of a sudden become tangible and impactful to the plot.

Leaving you almost stunned at the possibility of this Black Mirror, Altered Carbon esque world. A world where technology can so easily become a weapon. A reality where the earth is in ecological collapse. And your hope at survival is to live in a sanctuary city. Your identity and privacy are privileges that can be stripped away from you so quickly. You find your emotions and convictions put through the wringer over and over,

If you enjoy YA SciFi that makes you question society and your role in this is the book for you. Overall I give the book a solid 8.5/10. Taking the 1.5 off because the build to the twist left me feeling a smidge disengaged at times.

But, after speaking Joan (keep an eye out for the interview!) I am even more hype for everyone to read this book. It’ll help prepare you for all the amazing things she’s got in the works.

Thank you again Macmillan Publishers for sending us a copy of the book for review. Be sure to check out The Ones We’re Meant To Find, available for purchase everywhere!

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