DC Fandome: A Recap of DC’s Extraordinary Event

DC Fandome was too exciting to miss, but sometimes life happens!

So, if you did miss the event, don’t worry; here are the top five most exciting announcements from DC’s extraordinary event!

DC’s 4-hour, star-studded, teaser, and trailer-filled event won the social media award yesterday. The trending hashtags #Milestone #TheBatman #TheFlash and #WonderWoman3 had people celebrating, questioning, and as comic book fans always do-fighting about everything DC had to offer for us on their annual con-esque event. From the teasers of the all-new Catwoman: Hunted trailer to a trailer for John Cena’s Peacemaker. DC Fandome was too exciting for anyone to miss. However, if you did miss the event, here are the top five most exciting announcements from DC’s extraordinary event.

#5:Our First look at “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson in “Black Adam”

The movie that has been in development hell is finally gracing our screens in the summer of next year. Dwayne Johnson stars in “Black Adam” an Antihero and frequent foil to one of DC’s greatest heroes Shazam! Not only did we get an amazing behind-the-scenes teaser from the set as well. But we also were treated to a teaser dropped by The Rock himself. One of the most memorable moments from the teaser is the Justice Society of America being introduced to us with Noah Cintineo as Atom Smasher, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, Sarah Shahi as Isis, Aldis Hodge as Hawkman, and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. The trailer featured The Rock as Black Adam disintegrating an archeologist in a gruesome way. So yes, people are definitely excited to see this movie. As previously reported: Black Adam is set to premiere in theatres on July 29, 2022.

#4 : Our First Look at CW’s Naomi

Naomi, a Black woman superhero named after Milestone founder and comic legend Dwayne Mcduffie and only created two years ago, is slated to have her very own show on the CW. Created by David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis, Naomi is a comic that screams both diversity and individuality. In our first look at the tv series, we see Kaci Walfall in the titular role racing to catch a glimpse of a battle between a supervillain with the most super of superheroes, Superman. As Naomi nears the battle, she feints and the teaser ends there. So by all means, the teaser is just that, a teaser. However, the fact that the show was even greenlit given the fact that Naomi has only had one full season of comics is nothing short of amazing and a testament to what can happen when we are given diverse heroes.

#3 Milestone’s Dakatoverse is Expanding

Last year at DC’s Fandome, DC and Denys Cowan, a founder of Milestone Comics, announced that not only was Milestone coming back to our local comic book shops, that we were in for an even sweeter treat with a Static movie being in development for the big screen. Between then and 2021’s DC Fandome, reports surfaced that the movie had been moved to HBO Max only which angered and confused fans.

In this year’s DC Fandome, Hudlin (a new partner in Milestone) and Cowan confirmed that there will be a Static movie in the future, but did nothing to clarify in which format the movie would be in. Along with confirming that the movie is happening, they also released some breaking news that an animated movie is also in the works. They also announced that Blood Syndicate will also be returning along with season two of Ico and Rocket, Static, and Hardware and releasing a compendium of Milestone comics which pages total 1300+.

#2 Our First Look at Ezra Miller in The Flash

Like Black Adam, Ezra Miller’s Flash movie has also been in developmental hell since 2016, but alas! The movie finally has a release date and a teaser trailer to keep us hype until we sit down in theatres to watch. For most, the best part of the teaser is the return of not one but two batmans with Michale Keaton and Ben Affleck both suiting up as the caped Crusader in this multiverse of a film. The trailer even has a cameo of a certain inanimate object that you will definitely get a hit of nostalgia from.

#1: Robert Pattison’s The Batman Trailer

Though many of us hate to admit it Robert Pattison’s Batman is something that mystified moviegoers and comic fans alike. We have had many teasers and trailers of the star-studded movie. But trailer #2 has something that sets it apart from the others, and that something is Zoë Kravitz. Kravitz’s portrayal of Selina Kyle as a Catwoman not only seduced Batman, but the viewers watching along as well. Some spectacular action scenes, a disturbing iteration of Riddler, and a good ole’ chase scene, The Batman’s trailer takes the #1 spot on the list. The Batman comes to the theatre near you on March 4th, 2022.

Now this is just a snippet of what DC’s Fandome had to offer us along with the announcements of new shows DMZ and The Sandman, Titans and Doom Patrol being greenlit for season 4, The first two episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms being dropped, the video games of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights and so much more, DC Fandome was an event that could not have been missed, but just in case you did, you can watch it all right here:

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