Nubia and the Amazons #1 cover by Alitha Martinez and Lauren Martin

Nubia and the Amazons: A Queen Rises

After her return in recent Wonder Woman comics, Nubia’s fans have been waiting to see if she would get the feature she deserves. Now fans have what they’ve been asking for.

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Nubia and The Amazons, variant cover
Nubia and The Amazons, variant cover

Nubia of Themyscira is a character beloved by many DC fan. Sadly, she has only had a few appearances over her 48 year history. Created by Robert Kaniger, Don Heck and Dosselle Young, Nubia was conceived as Wonder Woman of the Floating Island. A counter location to Themyscira where Nubia ruled as leader and lone woman among a society of men. She acted as an ally and sometimes rival to Diana for the title of Wonder Woman. Even besting the Amazon in combat. A later story would eventually reveal that Nubia was Diana’s sister, forged from the same clay by their mother Hippolyta. Though her origin intertwined with Diana’s, Nubia would stop appearing for over 20 years. Even after a return to comics in the form of Nu’bia, her relevance to Diana’s mythos never quite reached that of Diana herself.

After her return in recent Wonder Woman comics, Nubia’s fans have been waiting to see if she would get the feature she deserves. Now fans have what they’ve been asking for. Nubia and the Amazons places her on center stage. Nubia is tasked with protecting the future of her people from an as of yet unseen threat.

The title features an all star creative team including writers Stephanie Williams (But What If Though) and Vita Ayala (Static Season One). With interior art and lettering by Alitha Martinez (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur), Mark Morales (Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy), Emilio Lopez (Batman: The Adventures Continue) and Becca Carey (Radiant Black). Covers by Martinez, Laura Martin (Black Panther), Sozomaika (Catwoman) and Joshua “Sway” Swaby (Sensational Wonder Woman). With editing by Brittany Holzherr and Nick Cotton.

Her Story Begins

The first issue begins in the middle of Nubia’s interim as Queen of the Amazons, in Hippolyta’s stead. While things are going well, the Amazons recieve quite a surprise. Five women emerge from the Well of Souls. The Well once served as a means of reincarnation for women who had suffered violence and untimely deaths in the world of man. Despite its amazing properties, it has not been active for ages. In fact the well stopped working after Nubia herself emerged from it. Nubia and the other Amazons are more than happy to welcome the women to their sisterhood. However, the sudden return of the Well’s power sparks concern. Why would it chose to be active once more?

Williams’ writing sets up an engaging road map to next year’s Trial of the Amazons. That event that will include Nubia, Diana and the rest of the DC Amazon associated characters. In just this issue alone, readers are given a deeper look into the culture of the Amazons. With the newest arrivals of Themyscira, Williams creates the opportunity to show new aspects of Amazon culture. A great example of this is how new Amazons are inducted into their society and what roles they each fit into. While exploring this, Williams and company openly broaden the nature of what Themyscira defines as womanhood, through new Amazon, Bia. Bia is a Black trans woman. Her introduction is shown as a standard for Themysciran society. There’s no unnecessary meta explanation as to why this hasn’t been brought up till now. She is allowed to just exist.

Details Abound

In addition to the story presented within the first issue, the interior art work is gorgeous and draws in immediately. (Especially our first look at Nubia.) The settings, clothing and hair are given unique care to make Themyscira and its denizens feel both familiar and unique. Nubia’s hair especially is something to behold. I also appreciate the detail of the loose strands of hair sticking out from Philippus’ braids.

Overall, I can definitely say that Nubia and the Amazons has my interest and I look forward to November 16th when Issue 2 drops. We hope you enjoyed this quick review and hope that you pick up Nubia and the Amazons where ever available.

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