Black Excellence in Gaming Presents: Kidderkat

“Because the thing about trolls, is trolls are gonna troll. That’s their job. They do it like they get paid to do it. And honestly, some of y’all aren’t that great at it. But I know I am good at being me.”

Black Excellence in Gaming Presents: KidderKat

So, I think as opposed to last year, where I was a little more cautious about it. I think I’m just gonna go ahead and just be who I am, you know?


You’ve all been patient and eager for our annual Black Excellence in Gaming to begin this month. What better way to kick things off than by giving some appreciation on a day all about showing some love? Our series’ mission is to highlight 14 Black creators in gaming to spotlight their goals, their achievements and give them the stage to be their best cheerleader. We’re excited to showcase our very first creator in our series, Kidderkat! While she may not be the biggest fan of talking about herself, we’re more than happy to take the reins when it comes to sharing just how amazing the first feature subject of our series is. 

Professional Photography of KidderKat

Kidderkat wears many hats, some of which are live streamer, artist, and small business owner. She began her journey by broadcasting her gameplay after watching and engaging with creators such as zomgliyah and DippedGaming. They inspired her to try her hand at live-streaming, seeing that there’s more to it than making content for only triple-A titles. Some of her favourite genres include simulation games. Titles such as “The Sims” and “Stardew Valley” hold a special place in her heart. Kidder also enjoys “Going Under” and “Hades”, with the latter having been an experience that helped her discover that a fantastic gameplay experience can be had even when playing titles you usually might not pick up.

As an affiliate with Nerd or Die, Visuals by Impulse, and Canva, Kidder understands the value of having solid marketing and visuals for one’s business or brand. She does her best to share helpful design insights or tips with new creators. This past December, she received a 1000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant, which will enable her to continue her content creation journey and hopefully start new gaming ventures this year. She hopes that receiving this grant will inspire others like her, no matter your age or background. That it’s never too late to start. 

Kidderkat eyeing her microphone dubiously, courtesy of subject

In addition, to live streaming games, Kidderkat will also bring in her artistic side and host streams. She’ll help newer broadcasters with guides and walkthroughs on making their own media and graphics using platforms such as Canva—providing new streamers with the resources and tools to create their own media. While also helping alleviate some of the financial worries that can come with the pressure to be your “shiniest” self. This is something she aims to do throughout the year with her broadcasts and through her socials. 

When it comes to their goals for 2022, Kidderkat expresses that they wish to continue creating fun and lighthearted content. In addition, they also aim to continue to work hard on their small business, Terran Made. A Black-owned, hand-poured scented candle and wax melt store, Kidder started her business in 2019 and has dedicated time and energy to creating a brand that values community, authenticity and honesty. 

“…Whenever you own a business, they say that you shouldn’t have any visible signs of weakness. But honestly, I believe that being vulnerable and being transparent with the people who do support my business has been one of its strengths.” 


She shared that the highs and lows of running a business have helped her learn a lot about herself. Not one to be deterred by the unexpected, Kidderkat has kept her business running through hard work and determination. When given the opportunity, she does what she can to give back to her community. Kidder enjoys baking and cooking when not working on her content or small business. Her favourite recipe being chocolate chip cookies. She shared that focusing on a recipe or preparing a meal gives her time to slow down and check in with herself. This allows her to spend more time with her family, too. 

We asked about their approach to Black History Month as a content creator and their thoughts on this time of the year from the perspective of someone involved in multiple areas. Kidderkat expressed that it’s hard not to become skeptical. But that it can also be a great time to promote Black creators and their work. And to look back on Black History to recognize and honour names both famous and obscure. 

Photo of Kidderkat with her product (scented candles) from her store TerranMade, courtesy of subject

For the gaming scene specifically, she shared that seeing insincerity from companies and organizations can make one less hopeful. However, it’s important to remember that being Black in this space is nothing to be scared of or afraid to show about yourself. 

“I can’t be pessimistic and sceptical all the time. So, I think as opposed to last year, where I was a little more cautious about it, I think I’m just gonna go ahead and just be who I am, you know? January to December and repeat it again the next year. Because the thing about trolls, is trolls are gonna troll. That’s their job. They do it like they get paid to do it. And honestly, some of y’all aren’t that great at it. But I know I am good at being me.”


It can be difficult not to focus on some of the more stressful elements of Black History Month. However, Kidderkat wants to remind everyone that this is a time to celebrate Blackness and always be proud of yourself. Some of her final thoughts and wishes for readers are to take some time this month to explore and learn more about Black historical figures outside of the more regularly mentioned names. To invest in education for Black History Month. And, to listen to Black women!

Our team would like to thank Kidderkat for taking the time to speak with us for our Black Excellence in Gaming series! It was both an honour and joy to be able to talk with them! We look forward to seeing all that they’ll do for 2022!

We’re excited to share our upcoming features throughout the next few weeks! But before then, be sure to support Kidderkat by following them on Twitch and their social media!

Thank you so much for reading, everyone, and we hope you enjoy the rest of our series!

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