Carpool Karaoke: When Superheros Collide: Shang Chi Meets Iron Fist!

Carpool Karaoke has returned to Apple TV+ for it’s 5th season and kicks their series off with a bang with Jessica Henwick and Simu Liu!

Here’s a quick list of our favorite moments!

Jessica Henwick sits in the passenger seat of a vehicle, while Simu Liu drives. Carpool Karaoke.
Jessica Henwick and Simu Liu in Carpool Karaoke

Y’all remember Carpook Karaoke, the hit segment on James Corden’s Last Night Show? Well, the spin off show, Carpool Karaoke, has returned to Apple TV+ for it’s 5th season and kicks their series off with a bang with the beautiful Jessica Henwick! And funny man Simu Liu! Here’s some thoughts I had while watching this episode 

1: This Fight in the Parking Lot was far more dramatic than the one in Civil War! 

2: Kicking it off with Blink-182 aka one of the best songs for a car trip with friends!

3: We all have that friend that tries to harmonise with the singers; how do we get them to stop?

4: Fun fact about Simu and I! Neither of us lost our virginities in the car! 

5: Where are Simu’s friends to get this boy band back together! It’s what the girlies want!!! 

6: Frosted tips will not be coming back as long as I have a say in things


8:  How can you have Jessica in your action film and not let her do anything action based?! Come on Gray Man!! 

9: Get Simu in a Musical please!!!! 

10: Jessica, stop lying, you can sing really well!!!

11: You can backflip into my bed any time Simu! 

12: Titanic Two Stans make some noise!!

13: Yeah! The Return of Stock Photo Simu!!!

14:  Remind me to never drive behind Jessica and Simu! 

15: Ending this episode with Closing Time, a kidnapping and saving the world!?? Beyond perfect!! 

If you would also love to join Jessica and Simu for Carpool Karaoke check out the episode on Apple TV! All episodes of season 5 are out.  

For more about Simu Liu, check out our review of Shang-Chi here.

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