Beyoncé: Queen of the Modern RENAISSANCE

Beyoncé reminds us of what an album is supposed to be with this beautiful tribute to members of the LGBTQ+ community; and the best part? This is part one!

RENAISSANCE album cover. Instagram/beyonce

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, anywhere you plan to be, go ahead and stop right there. Beyoncé is back and the Queen has brought us exactly what we needed in this moment!

These past few years have been hard on all of us. The pandemic has shown us a different side of ourselves, and creatives have been thriving in this new way of life.

Beyoncé has taken this time of pain and uncertainty and created a beautiful ode to the essence of Black queer joy and expression. RENAISSANCE pays clear homage to the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly the house and ballroom scene, in a way that only Beyoncé can do. She acknowledges many people who played a part in the creation of this album, specifically pointing to the influence of her Uncle Jonny, who passed away due to complications from HIV. As Beyoncé’s godmother, her Uncle Jonny was there since the beginning, mentoring her and helping her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson make the outfits she wore in her early career.

RENAISSANCE also has background vocals from some of the greatest and most emblematic people in the Black Queer community, including among others, Big Freedia and TS Madison.

This album is proof that Beyoncé is a master of the album format, with flawless transitions throughout. DJs please take note – you don’t have to remix these with anything, it’s already perfect. Just press play and let the Queen show you the way.

Break My Soul single cover. Instagram/beyonce

The lead single, BREAK MY SOUL, is exactly what we needed for the summer time, with a beat so reminiscent of the house classic “Show Me Love” by Robin S. (who was credited on the song). It is the perfect song to feel free and alive in a time such as the one we are all currently living in.

Despite the success of BREAK MY SOUL, it’s proven difficult to find a standout song on the album, because they…all stand out. Each song has something different to offer depending on who you are. As far as yours truly, my favorites are ALIEN SUPERSTAR, CHURCH GIRL, MOVE (featuring the ICONIC Grace Jones), and THIQUE.

This album works wherever you are. The gym. The grocery store. Your morning walks. In the car on the way to the club. In the car on the way back from the grocery store! This album is the perfect accessory to your fun and free spirit, and a great way to lift us out of the darkness that has been around us these past few years.

The album ends with these final lyrics on SUMMER RENAISSANCE: So elegant and raunchy/This haute couture I’m flaunting/This Telfar bag imported/Birkins, them shits in storage/I’m in my bag. The Queen is truly in her bag with this album. Beyoncé’s intention with the album was to create a safe space with tthis album, from carefully choosing who to work with to curating music that uplifts those in our community who have often been silenced. The best part: this is PART ONE of THREE! It will be exciting to see where the next parts will take us all. Everyone say “Thank you Beyoncé!”

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