The Owl House-Season 3 Epsiode 1 Thanks To Them-Review

Luz's coming out from The Owl House Season 3 Episode 1. Image via Disney

The Owl House: A Farewell Season For a Nearly Perfect Show

The Owl House despite the challenges the characters and the crew face this season, remains the same with a storyline that just gets more exciting with time.

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The Owl House via Disney

Today on part 73 of a children’s show made me cry again, The Owl House is back and better than ever! It’s hard to watch the show and not think of what Disney and homophobic parents took from us; (beach episode of the Owl House you will be avenged!) The cast and crew has worked hard to help us say goodbye to our beloved characters and the Boiling Isles. Because I love the show, I want to give it my best so here’s my review. There are spoilers, I’ve warned you!

The Owl House via Disney

Let me start by saying Dana Terrace clearly doesn’t give a crap about homophobic remarks anymore. This show has gone full blown gay in it’s final season. It feels very “what are they gonna do? Cancel the show again?” of her and it’s beautiful to see. In a montage of The Owl House teen’s summer Luz comes out to her mom. Camila, as always, is supportive of her. We even see her sporting a pride pin and reading LGBTQ+ parenting books in support. There’s so much queer representation in this episode that I think I may have missed some of it. 

The actual secret Luz is hiding from everyone is the part she played in Belos meeting The Collector. Her guilt over this is haunting her. Similarly Hunter is keeping his grimwalker status under wraps. These secrets, the lack of a portal to bring everyone home, and the fear of what the demon realm has become due to The Collector remain a dark shadow over the friends time in the human world. Due to the lack of episodes this season we don’t get as many adventures as we’d like in this world, and the characters have less interaction than I’d like.

Luckily, the bits and pieces we get are enough to tide us over. We see photos of movie nights, milkshake dates, and hints to the characters’ growth throughout. Camila stopped straightening her hair, Hunter is allowing himself to be a teenager, and Vee chooses a new human form. The teens are determined to find their way back home, a concept which is becoming confusing to Luz. She is in her actual house for the first time in the series, but her home is The Boiling Isles. Watching these characters stumble their way through clues and their emotions remains just as exciting as it always has been. 

A group of six characters celebrate in a room. From left there is a green slug with blue hair, a blonde elfin person w a mustard sweater and blue jeans, an elfin person with purple hair
The Owl House via Disney

The Owl House, despite the challenges the characters and the crew face this season, remains the same. Characters that pull at your heartstrings, refreshing and in your face queer representation, inspired animated fight scenes, and a mysterious storyline that just gets more addicting and exciting with time. Despite how sad I am to see the show go, I am proud of the cast and crew for starting off this goodbye so beautifully. I think it’s hard as an audience to not think about the what if’s.

We loved this show, we felt seen in this show of course we are upset and angry that it’s ending when there is so much more to explore. But I advise others to get out of their own head, absolutely ask for more Owl House content but don’t ignore the wonderful content we have coming up. I look forward to seeing how this story, that has had so many twists and turns, ends. Whoever decided to kill off a certain beloved character you shall be dealt with and I’m sending you my therapy bill.

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