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Make My Day: A Disappointing Animation that Undermines the Story

Anime has always been a form of medium to ask us the questions we all have been too afraid to ask. What if Michael Jackson was a demon? Or, what if a schoolgirl was the most powerful badass of all time? What if playing sports was gay? So, Netflix is introducing many shows that challenge the medium, but does the series Make My Day fulfil that?

Well, the newest Netflix series Make My Day asks the question. Honestly, one that has been haunting my sleep for years. What if Water Bears were evil? I’m glad I’m not the only one who asked that question since the creative team behind this series also had the same question!  

Make My Day follows young Jim, a part-time guard and full-time anime protagonist, a bunch of other characters whose names I can’t remember, and the best robot boy Casper. 

Image courtesy of Netflix.

The animated series sets up many amazing story ideas. The show only has 8 episodes and a runtime of 20 minutes. A lot of story beats feel rushed or certain characters’ arcs are just not there at all. The twists just happen because we need drama outside of Evil Water Bears. Also, the ending felt like something out of a Disney Channel Original Movie. 

Furthermore, with an extra four episodes, the writers could develop a good storyline. Also, if the supporting characters had good character journeys, I would have enjoyed it more than I did. I have nothing against 3D animation and I am pro-animation at all costs. Nothing in this series sticks out to me compared to other 3D animes, that is, the Water Bears.

Now, out of all the Netflix animes out there, I would say you aren’t missing much. There are a few others I would watch or rewatch first. If you are on your 8th rewatch of One Piece and you just need something different to watch, I would say go ahead and check it out.

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