Still from Unicorn Wars (2022) of bears wearing military uniforms in forest.

Image courtesy of Alberto Vázquez.

Unicorn Wars: An Animated Exploration of War and Brotherhood

Animation has always been one of the best forms of media to tell stories in ways live action could only dream. As the great Guillermo del Toro has said “Animation is a medium, not a genre- nor an interest for kids & families only.” Unicorn Wars, written and directed by Alberton Vazquez, proves that point once again.

At first glance, the main story of the film seems to be about a battalion of teddy bears preparing for a war against an unscrupulous unicorn (and the horrors of fighting an evil you’ve only heard about from elders). But there is a much deeper narrative here about brothers Bluey and Tubby, whose lives were set in stone even before they even ran their first lap as rookies. You’ll find yourself going through so many emotions as these two discover truths about each other while coming to terms with the fact that just because they shared the same womb as infants, they are far from different.

Characters Tubby and Bluey of the film Unicorn Wars

The film reminds me of a simple children’s story but instead of staying simple and safe, it’s willing to get dark and remind you that not everything, or everyone, is what they seem to be. There were a few times that I had to cover my eyes because the beautiful world that had made me feel safe just moments before had transformed into one of darkness and fear.

The two strongest parts of the film are the sound design and the animations. These components work together incredibly well to tell the story, even when there are no spoken words. From the sounds of the many magical forest creatures peacefully minding their own business to the background animation looking straight off the walls of an art museum. This film definitely falls under my personal list of “I need the Art Book of it.” 

So, should you watch Unicorn Wars? Yes. If you are a fan of animation, or psychological horror, or just want something that isn’t your typical watch, I would check it out. I also have to say, if you’re able to, don’t wait for an English dub to come out. As someone with dyslexia, I watched the film in the original Spanish language and didn’t struggle to keep up with subtitles at all. Unicorn Wars is a fantastic animated film that anyone who is a fan of cinema should check out!

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