What To Watch This Cancer Season

Every month, we partner with an astrologer of colour to give you an all-purpose reading for the sign-in question, as well as a watchlist of shows and films that we think fit the spirit of the sign that you should check out.


June 22nd -July 22nd

The Crab

Water Sign ruled by the Moon


This Cancer forecast reading comes to you by artist and astrologer Neeyah M (she/her). You can contact her for her services via the contact form at 6REVOLUTION.com or connect on all socials @justan0therseer.

If you are a tarot/astrology reader of colour interested in working with Off Colour, please reach out to us!


Starting off this Cancer Season with Mercury entering Cancer, you can expect an evolution in how you communicate your needs to your loved ones. Mercury rules the mind. If you’ve been working towards healing, especially family regarding related traumas, you could be having a breakthrough within the first week or feeling the need to seek professional help from a therapist, mentor, or coach. Positive self-talk and affirmations can bring about deep internal healing as well, especially with the lingering energy from the recent New Moon in Gemini that happened on June 18th.

There is an undercurrent of instability and an overall air of unease that seems to build up though, and that is because Neptune is going retrograde in its home sign Pisces mid Cancer season on the 30th. This will be a great time for those who are in tune with their feelings, as well as creatives. If you didn’t take the cue from Mercury transiting Cancer to acknowledge and talk about any uncomfortable feelings, then this Neptune retrograde is going to make it increasingly uncomfortable to ignore them and the circumstances causing them. On July 3rd, the Capricorn full moon gives us the opportunity to have a reality check and help us stabilize and ground our emotions.

Mars then enters Virgo on the 10th, giving us a favorable window to act on any recent revelations. Practicality, discipline, and organization all come into play where Mars in Virgo is concerned. There is a warning here with these energies to be wary of perfectionism, beating yourself up for having emotions, or using work to distract yourself from confronting these more intense energies. Mercury enters Leo on the 11th which only compounds the propensity for disputes, conflict, and drama that could ensue if you allow the negative octaves of Neptune (deceit, delusion, escapism) to overshadow everything. On the flip side, Mercury in Leo could be just the spark and inspiration needed to harness the intuitive creative energy that Neptune has in store for us. Expect vivid dreams, inspiration, and budding passion projects this Cancer Season. Cancer season ends with a cancer new moon on July 17th, giving us the opportunity to set intentions to ground all of our recent big ideas.

Suggested Show Based on Reading:

The Baker and the Beauty via ABC

If you are looking for a show to inspire you to let go of perfectionist tendencies and follow more creative pursuits, The Baker and The Beauty is the show for you. This show will also inspire you to have difficult conversations with those close to you just as the characters in the show do. This show reminds us of the main difference between “good” and “bad” relationships: those that give up and don’t do the work vs those that keep trying to do better.

Cancer Traits: Compassionate, Protective, Intuitive


Cancers are known for being on the more emotional end of the zodiac. With all that emotion comes a great sense of compassion and care. Just like the characters in these shows and films, Cancer placements see the good in everyone and are incredibly empathetic. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Cancer in their corner. Cancer placements also have to make sure they are also pouring into themselves as well as others.


Don’t mistake that Cancer compassion for being a pushover though! Cancers are the definition of ride or die and one would be very foolish to end up on their bad side. One of the only things that can push a Cancer to a scary place is if you threaten their loved ones. Cancers love hard, which means they also protect just as hard. Just like the characters in these shows and films, the very watery Cancer will let the whole world burn if you hurt someone they love.


Cancers are ruled by the Moon. Because of this, they are very in tune with situations and the feelings of those around them. Just like actual crabs, they are very sensitive to their environment and often have psychic abilities. Similarly to the characters in these shows and films, they know more than those around them because of intuition and make more intuitive instead of logical decisions. Everyone else may not exactly why Cancer moves the way they do, but the girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t, don’t!

Cancer Creatives

Solange Knowles: Born June 24th, American singer, songwriter, actress, director, and composer Solange Knowles is THEE multi-hyphenate queen. She is incredibly accomplished and best known for her radically Black albums A Seat at The Table and When I Get Home, both of which are the blueprint for much of the music we hear today. She also recently composed a score for The New York City Ballet’s Play Time.

Margo Robbie: Born July 2nd, Australian actress and producer has received much critical acclaim in both her Blockbuster and Independent film roles. She is best known for her iconic roles in The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and I, Tonya. Catch her this summer as Barbie in the highly anticipated movie Barbie (duh!).

Sandra Oh: Born July 20th the sensational and beloved Sandra Oh is best known for her groundbreaking roles including but not limited to Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy, Eve in Killing Eve, and Ming Lee in Turning Red. Sandra Oh redefined what was possible for Asian American women and women of color at large on screen and for that, we are forever thankful. Catch her as Debbie Grayson in Invincible Season 2.

Catch these during Cancer Season:

The Bear: The Bear returns June 22nd with its 2nd season. This amazing show about an ex-fine dining chef taking over his family’s sandwich shop in Chicago was well-received by many. Fans are excited to see what awaits our favorite chefs in season 2.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken: Ruby Gillman (voiced by Lana Condor) is a high school student who discovers she’s a direct descendant of the warrior Kraken queens. The Kraken are sworn to protect the oceans of the world against mermaids. Destined to inherit the throne Ruby must use her newfound powers to protect those she loves most. This movie comes crashing into theaters on June 30th.

Barbie: Barbie and Ken are having the time of their lives in the colorful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land. However, when they get a chance to go to the real world, they soon discover the joys and perils of living among humans. The highly anticipated Barbie movie comes to theaters on July 21st.

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