Off Colour Is Going On Hiatus

Hey y’all! 

It’s been a second since we’ve had a heart-to-heart, so let’s catch up.

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know that Off Colour is committed to covering entertainment news, telling you what to watch, workers’ rights, and pushing the envelope for equity. However, as we enter month three of the WGA strike and week three of the SAG-AFTRA strike, it’s evident that it is now a herculean effort for all of us.

So, after serious discussions, Off Colour has voted to go on hiatus.

For over seven years, we’ve worked tirelessly to create space in Nerd and Fandom for Black and Non-Black people of colour. We’ve had opportunities to interview many amazing people creating the art we love— from independent creatives to award-winning industry legends. We’ve also had the honour of consulting for the companies that shape the entertainment and publishing industries as we know it. Our positions as journalists and critics offer us unique leeway and privilege to continue the work we love by covering releases from struck companies. 

We are choosing not to. 

From today to December 31st, 2023, we will not offer coverage or accept interviews from struck companies. 

So, what does this mean for Off Colour? 

We were already in the midst of a restructuring to better align with our future goals, so with this hiatus, we will be dedicating ourselves to that end. 

This does not mean we are boycotting struck works; the unions have not asked for a boycott. We will watch shows and movies to show our support as consumers. But as critics, we won’t review or interview anyone related to struck work. Our article output will, as a result, be reduced as we change our content strategy to match. This will continue until AMPTP comes to their senses and meets WGA and SAG-AFTRA demands for proper compensation, working conditions, and protection from AI theft of their work.

Instead, we will be pivoting to cover the strikes on our social channels, using our articles and podcast to platform the people on the picket lines. We will also continue our work with Fandom Forward and Abigail Disney on the Be A Hero campaign because all workers deserve to be stakeholders in the profits made from their labour. Should the strikes end before our hiatus, we will return at a reduced capacity to keep focus on our internal restructuring.

Entertainment journalism and criticism are, at their core, a form of marketing, and we cannot allow our words to be used to uplift those that refuse to value the actors, animators, artists, crew, and writers who make it all possible. But alongside our work as journalists and critics, we are also actors, artists, filmmakers, writers & creatives. And we cannot stand idly by while our role models and colleagues are on the front lines.

Please know that we at Off Colour didn’t make this decision lightly. We hope to return to the art we love just as writers, actors, animators, and other creative labourers wish to return to the work they love fairly compensated and respected. This hiatus is us reaffirming our commitment to a more equitable and just media industry.


Keshav Kant

Executive Director 

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  1. Will miss you guys lots. Looking forward to when you come back for the next Akon and MJ reunion special.

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