Keshav Kant

Keshav Kant, aka Mx. KantEven, is a med student tuned Executive Director of Off Colour! You’ve probably seen her on Twitter and TikTok, both @MxKantEven, or caught her work on Off Colour's many channels. From consulting on films & shows, manuscript review, conducting interviews, or hosting podcasts & panels, if there is some way to bring sensitivity and authenticity to diversity, inclusion and equity conversations, Keshav will be there.

She-Hulk, Tatiana Maslany And Marvel’s Cowardice In Casting

“But we need to remember that it’s Marvel’s refusal to look past their cookie-cutter casting moulds that is the cause of these issues.

They have created a fantastical world where witches can break back the dead, Gods walk the earth, and the multiverse comes undone at the whims of a child. A universe where a woman with the strength to rival armies has all the muscle mass of Kermit’s right arm, and if that’s not an act of cowardice, I don’t know what is. .”

We need to talk about #SheHulk.