Toss A Coin To Your Beauty: The Witcher’s Treatment of Disabled People

"This is a learned treatment of disabled bodies and is not inherent at all. The inherency would be and should be treating all people the same and not just the ones that look ‘nice.’"


Review: ‘Spin The Dawn’ by Elizabeth Lim

‪“Project Runway meets Mulan.”‬ ‪That is not only an attractive pitch for the young adult fantasy novel Spin The Dawn; it is also an accurate comparison. Still, it just scratches the surface of the novel, which abounds with magic, palace intrigue, adventure and romance.‬ ‪Written by Elizabeth Lim, Spin The Dawn is the first book…

Raising Dion: A Show Worth The Wait

Announced almost two years ago and based on the comic created by Dennis Liu, ‘Raising Dion’ has been in the works over at Netflix for quite some time. So long (and with so little news), in fact, that potential viewers began to wonder—where's Dion? Well, the wait is over, and I am happy to say…