‪The Lovebirds: A Light-Hearted Comedy Full Of Eyebrow Raising Moments‬

“‪”Rae and Nanjiani have a obvious lack of chemistry, which is apparent even after their meet-cute scenes are over. Coming off more as friends with benefits rather than an actual couple”


School of Rock: An Underrated Attempt at Inclusivity

Sixteen years ago, a movie about Jack Black teaching sheltered, overprotected prep school children how to rock 'n' roll premiered in theaters. School of Rock went on to become the highest-grossing music-themed comedy of all time—until 2015 when it was overtaken by Pitch Perfect 2. It also spawned a TV series, a Broadway musical, and…

8 TV Shows to Catch Up On Before Fall Season

Summer is, traditionally speaking, a slow period for TV. All the big popcorn blockbusters are out in theatres, and networks are airing their second- and third-tier titles as they prep for fall premiere season. Thankfully, that gives us all time to catch up on the slew of quality TV we might have missed in the…