About Off Colour

Our Story

Off Colour joined the internet in 2016 as NerdyPoC. A small Twitter account was created by a team of well, nerdy People of Colour, who wanted to see more perspectives on Nerd Culture and Entertainment from BIPOC. 

Over the next two years, we grew to become a publication that made space for BIPoC to talk about the things that mattered to them. We amassed over 15,000 followers and took part in critical discussions on representation, authenticity, cultural sensitivity, and media’s critical consumption.

As we grew, our team and vision grew too. We weren’t just talking about comics, movies and TV anymore; our work expanded beyond media into culture and politics! In 2019 we took time to do some soul searching and became Off Colour. A registered non-profit organization with one simple goal.

Empower BIPoC to change the world we live in

Our Mission

To engage Black folks, Non-Black Indigenous Folks & other People of Color.

Be accessible to them no matter where they are.

To encourage them to speak up and change the world we live in.

Our Values

  1. We strive to be a collaborative organization, not a codependent one. We value our collective power and our individual strengths. Every opinion matters and deserves to be heard, no matter each team member’s title or position within the company. Every member gets their chance to work independently, flex their creative muscles and add their own flair to Off Colour. 
  2. We value transparency. Every team member is accountable to each other, our audience, and the company. We don’t brush mistakes or failures under the carpet. We discuss and work out a way to move forward in a positive direction. 
  3. We rely on consistent, clear communication. With a team spread out worldwide across multiple time zones, we all need to stay in contact and respond to each other as promptly as possible. 
  4. We take ownership over our responsibilities and the performance and future of the company. Good ideas don’t come out of a vacuum; everybody shares their passion and creativity with everybody. An impactful piece isn’t just good for the writer or editorial team. It’s good for all of us. 
  5. We are responsible for our commitments. If we agree to a deadline, we meet it. If we can’t, we communicate that we need help, more time, etc.
  6. We honour our humanity. We aren’t invincible, and we aren’t indefatigable. On the days one of us needs to rest and recover, the rest of us are here for them, in whatever capacity they need us to be.
  7. We are bold and deferential. Not everyone will agree with everything we say or do. As long as we have a strong enough “why”, we can bear any “how”. We accept that we can and will get it wrong sometimes. That it is essential for us to keep listening, learning and try to understand different viewpoints.


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