Become A Contributor


What should I write about?

We’re a publication dedicated to representation in media, culture and politics for People of Colour; as such, any pieces you pitch should have a cultural hook that makes them relevant to our audience.

What types of pieces do we accept?

  • Reviews
  • Think-pieces
  • Interviews
  • Collaborative pieces

We’ll also consider any other suggestions.
What are the minimum and maximum word counts?

750 minimum and 1250 maximum, longer pieces need to be approved by our staff.

Do think pieces need to be backed up links and research?

Yes, if the piece needs quantitative or qualitative data, such as how much a film made in a year or a transcript of a celebrity interview, we need a source to verify it. You can use other pieces to back up your point. However, we do not condone plagiarism whatsoever, so please only quote what you deem necessary. If it is a movie/show review or a time-sensitive piece, please complete the article as soon as possible. Given that we work on the internet, news and reviews need to be posted the moment something happens, Off Colour needs to remain at the forefront of all such things to make sure we are relevant and grow.

What are your rates?

As of right now, unfortunately, we cannot compensate creatives for their work as we do not have stable funding. We are actively working on changing that through crowdfunding.

If you would like to pitch when there is compensation, we understand and look forward to working with you in the future!

 Pitch Guidelines:

Pitches must be sent to to be reviewed

Add ‘Pitch:’ in the subject heading along with the proposed headline.

Pitches should be no more than 250-300 words. A pitch should include what your chosen topic is and explain why you would like to shed light on it, why you are the person to write this piece and if possible, include samples of past works. They don’t need to be published on other platforms! We want to get a feel for your style, so feel free to share self-published pieces.

If your pitch is time-sensitive, please make sure to mention it in the subject heading. We will respond to your pitch within 24-48 hours (Unless the topic is time-sensitive, in which case one of the department heads will reach out to you sooner.)

If your pitch is accepted, you are expected to finish within the agreed-upon time period.

 Completed Piece Submission:

If your piece is accepted, please give our team adequate time to edit your work and return it to you with critiques and concerns. Any corrections or requests made by our editors must be addressed in a timely fashion.

Once the final draft is completed, please send it in with a title, subtitle, and caption when the piece is tweeted. 

If there are pictures in the article, they must have image descriptions to ensure the piece is accessible for those with visual disabilities.

Please DO NOT message staff repeatedly. We understand wanting to have your work shared, but we are juggling the pieces for all our writers, future projects and working to have your work dropped at the most appropriate time.

IF you think there is an optimal date and time to publish your work, let us know when you pitch, and we will schedule it accordingly.