Crunchyroll reveals their anime summer lineup

Crunchyroll lets its fans know what anime will and will not be on its platform this summer. 

According to Crunchyroll, there are going to be some new changes to the anime streaming service this summer. “Attack on Titan” and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures will be unfortunately taken off the platform soon. However, anime fans will have some new shows to keep themselves entertained.

“Dr.Stone”, a new manga popular in Japan, will be debuting on Crunchyroll as an anime. The series will follow humanity has it attempts to rebuild society after an apocalyptic event.

Another series which will be added to Crunchyroll is “Granbelm”, from director Masahura Watanabe. Watanabe is best known for the 2016 hit anime, RE:Zero. “Granbelm” will feature an adventure that has everything from robots to magical girls. It is definitely a must see anime.

Crunchyroll subscribers will also be able to watch Masaomi Andou’s “Astra: Lost in Space”, this summer. This anime will focus on young students who find themselves lost in the deep void of space, thousands of light years from their home.

These are just the main hightlights of the animes which will be coming to Crunchyroll this summer. There are plenty of series that you will be able to watch if you have a subscription.

Are you excited about all the new shows coming to Crunchyroll? Let us know with a tweet or comment. And for more nerdy news on people of color, just go here. 

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